This 3-Minute Anxiety Fix Can Help Reduce Stress Immediately

Just breathe.

Whether it’s caused by a heavy workload, relationship troubles or just the general burden of adulting, we all encounter stress from time to time. It’s totally normal and in small amounts, can even be useful — like when you’ve got an urgent deadline coming up and need the adrenaline to get sh*t done.
That said, there are definitely times when the ol’ flight or fight mode is more of a hindrance than a help. In those situations, you need a go-to strategy to help you chill out and get your head in the game, ASAP. And we’ve got just the thing for you! Georgia Foster is a clinical hypnotherapist who’s helped strung-out clients quiet their minds for more than 20 years — and she’s just released her new online program, The 3 Minute Anxiety Fix.

It consists of six different 3-minute breathing patterns, designed to be done in the morning, or before anxiety-provoking situations. The exercises are said to not only reduce anxiety instantly, but also improve your tolerance to stress long-term.
The program also includes three, 24 minute self-hypnosis sessions. These are said to train the brain to react calmly and logically by accessing the pre-frontal cortex, rather than our panic station, the amygdala at the base of the brain, which produces the fight-or-flight hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

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One Daily Mail journalist tried the program for a week and claims that it not only helped her remain calm in stressful experiences but changed the way she responds to them altogether.

Afterwards, I feel jubilant. It’s not that I’ve magically acquired a new blithe personality or a false veneer of serenity. Rather that, when I feel agitated I’m more likely to question my rationale before spiralling into panic. I’m modifying how I think and therefore respond to challenges
-Anna Maxted via The Daily Mail

You can check out The 3 Minute Anxiety Fix here, or try one of the breathing exercises below:

  • Close your eyes and mentally focus on the brow, to help you concentrate.
  • To further block outside noise, place your thumbs over your ears, your index and middle fingers over your eyes, your ring fingers under your nose, and your little fingers on your chin.
  • Inhale through the nose for a couple of seconds. The exhale is a much longer breath — up to 15 seconds, but do what you can — and as you breathe out, hum aloud like a bee and focus on that sound in your head.
  • Persevere for at least three minutes — though continue for 11 minutes if you want a challenge.
  • To help slow and quieten your thoughts, say ‘Anand’ on the inhale and ‘bliss’ on the exhale.

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