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This Is Your Dream Home Design According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everything you absolutely need to know about what your perfect home could look like.

Happy Monday, Amodrn readers! As the world becomes more and more complex, distraught, and difficult to digest, we turn to our safe spaces now more than ever. With quarantine taking place overwhelmingly in one location over another (your home), we’re finding it increasingly important to make sure our homes are up to par with giving us good energy. Rather than do a weekly horoscope this week, we wanted to share with you some interesting information about the zodiac. We found out what your dream interior design scheme is according to your zodiac. Keep reading for more on your dream interior design according to your zodiac sign. 

This Is Your Dream Home Design According To Your Zodiac Sign


You like to dream big, and with design, you go big or go home. For you, it’s all about bright colors filling your space. As a fire sign, the other side of the color spectrum is not your vibe for the most part. Orange, green, and red are good for your space.


For you, your home is your solace. You need a clean space to relax and unwind in. What is your idea of serenity? Add these into your room design. What will you do with your home?


Surround yourself with learning. Books, records, music, something big like a TV or projector to watch documentaries on. You need a space to write down your ideas as well, so don’t forget to buy a desk.

interior design according to your zodiac
Image: Hutomo Abrianto via Unsplash


For you, a space to rest is key. You are an emotional being and you need to have a comfortable place for you to rest your head. Get a soft body pillow, comfy blanket, and deep-seated sofa for this.


You vibe in your home! And you need a mirror, of course. Your confidence is vivid in your home. You have your own art on the walls, and almost all the furniture is vintage and sustainably sourced, of course.


For you, everything has to be perfect, including your home. You love to paint on a canvas. There is a need for a blank foundation. You love muted colors and things that are alive. Pastels and plants are your friends, Virgo.

interior design according to your zodiac
Image: Tina Dawson via Unsplash


You love the finer things in life, Libra. You want luxury, even in your home. The grand design, big furniture, and amazing accessories.


Dark, vampy vibes are your thing Scorpio. You love to be in a room that constantly feels like night. You also love to sleep, so get some powerful curtains that can block out the sun.


You haven’t finished your bedroom, and you probably never will. You will need to leave space for relics you find from your adventures, forever building on your amazing stylistic tendencies.

interior design according to your zodiac
Image: Manja Vitolic via Unsplash


Your home is the one that blends different styles together. What can you find in your space? Absolutely everything. Don’t expect a room from Capricorn to look the same at all, you’ll have antiques, modernity, and ’70s all in one.


You are a night owl, and your space reflects that. You want to bring the party to you, so this means that your interior design needs to be entertaining. Karaoke machine, bar cart, and more need to be available at all times, just in case the party is brought to you.


Breezy, aquatic, and sort of like a beach house. There is a flow between everything going on in this type of home. You aren’t focused on being there all the time, so it’s open and simple at best. Not much seating, a small table, and definitely some outdoor furniture.

Image: Minh Pham via Unsplash

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