Sex Gels — The Next Big Thing In Beauty

Why taking care of every asset of your wellbeing is on the rise.

Sex gel
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For beauty lovers, there’s no greater joy than having a peek into someone’s beauty routine. Whether it’s via a blog post, interview, or an Insta #shelfie snap, we’re all dying to see what others can’t live without. There are certain products which are staples in these shelfies: a cleansing balm, a highlighter, a luxurious lip balm. But recently, a new product has started to appear in more and more wellness routines: self-love products. Although historically products such as lubricants and toys have been something relegated to the back of our cupboards or bottom of our drawers, they’re now taking centre stage online. Joining the ranks of fancy candles and jade rollers, buzz-worthy sexual wellness brands are positioning themselves as beauty-adjacent staples.

It helps that the sexual wellness industry has undergone a heavy rebrand in the past few years. Brands like Necessaire, Uberlube, and Fur boast a chic, minimalist aesthetic, with simple white-on-black packaging. But if you prefer a bolder option, fear not – companies such as Smile Makers, Unbound, and Dame Products boast an array of bright offerings: from toys to personal wipes. As a bonus, many of the industry leaders today are female-founded brands. Dame is the brainchild of two female engineers, who originally used crowdfunding to break into the industry – and it worked. Before long, their first vibrator became the most crowdfunded sex toy of all time. Unbound is also female-led, with founder Polly Rodriguez aiming to “close the gap between how we think of male and female sexuality … women deserve their own brands that are run by women”.

If you’ve never explored the sexual wellness space, it’s never been more approachable than today. Sex-tech brands are increasingly stocked in stores such as Free People and Cult Beauty, making the industry less intimidating to first-timers. Interested in lubricant, for example? Now you can pick it up alongside your favorite cleanser. And if you’re feeling bold, you can Instagram it too.

Our Favorite Self-Love Picks:

1) Nécessaire – The Sex Gel, $20

Nécessaire’s water-based lubricant is a shelfie staple, and for good reason. The base of water and aloe means that it’s non-greasy, hydrating, and compatible with latex products such as condoms. If you’re already a fan of The Sex Gel, the brand wider arsenal in the way of personal care washes, lotions, and exfoliants.

best beauty products
Image: Necessaire

2) Dame Products – Eva II, $135

A hands-free vibrator sounds too good to be true, but Dame has perfected it. The Eva II – as it suggests, the second iteration of the Eva – is an upgrade on the original, with changes based on customer feedback. Currently, you can pick up the understated millennial pink colorway, or go for the bolder forest-green hue.

best beauty products
Image: Dame

3) They Call Her Alfie Love Gel, $39

They call her Alfie Love Gel, Sex Gel, Lubricant
This incredible sex gel (originally created for post-menopausal women) will get you wondering how you ever lived without it as it boosts blood flow while natural aphrodisiacs long-jack and fenugreek get you in the mood. Seriously, the reviews have been amazing for all ages and we’ve heard that their customers keep coming back for more — need we say why?
Whilst it not only gets the user sexually excited (it really works!), but the gel also rejuvenates and hydrates at the same time. Expect to see a lineup of benefits if used daily.

4) Unbound – On The Go Kit, $34

If you’re a frequent flyer (or member of the mile high club), this one’s for you. In a fun holographic pouch, Unbound has curated a selection of their self-love favorites. From condoms to clitoral gel, there’s an assortment of goodies, with something to please everyone (no pun intended!).

best beauty products
Image: Unbound

5) Überlube, $28

Silky-smooth and silicone-based, Überlube touts itself as much more than just a lubricant. It also works to tame frizz or stop chafing – and who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product? Housed in a chic glass bottle, it cleverly comes as a pump bottle so that you can access it using only one hand. It’s hydrating without being sticky and sinks into skin like a hydrating oil after use. Simultaneously working to enhance sensation while reducing friction, Überlube blends with your body seamlessly. If you haven’t found a lube you love, we promise – this will be a game-changer.

best beauty products
Image: Uberlube

6) Deodoc Intimate Deowipes, $15

Developed under the guidance of a gynecologist, these purse-friendly wipes are perfect for on the go. Deowipes gently cleanse and neutralize bacteria, leaving intimate skin feeling happy and healthy. The individually packaged wipes have a soft coconut scent and are hypoallergenic and paraben-free. While some intimate wipes can be harsh on intimate skin, Deowipes were designed as a better option for women on the go. So whether you want to freshen up after the gym, before a date, or after sex, one of these handy little wipes has got your back. As a bonus, they include aloe vera and vitamin E, ensuring long-lasting hydration.

best beauty products
Image: Deo Doc

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