This Is The Safest Way To Have Hot Sex During A Pandemic

Virtual sex is on the rise and for good reason!

virtual sex
Image: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

In the midst of a pandemic, some lovers have been separated by time and space. Because of quarantining being done around the world, there are many sexual partnerships that are unable to be physical because of our commitment to social distancing (and many travel bans currently occurring around the world). But having sex doesn’t have to be physical! It’s what you make of it. You can have virtual sex with a partner over the phone, computer, or cool new technology that can connect you. We’ve put together a few tips for you to make virtual sex happen, wherever it may be!

virtual sex
Image: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

What Is Virtual Sex?

Virtual sex is anything you make it to be, as long as it’s consensual. It is anything sexual happening in a digital format, any type of sexual activity on the internet. It can be sexual play over the phone, sexting, video sex, or even usually cool technology like a controlled vibrator. Virtual sex is optimizing how we can use technology to engage in sexual activity. This will normalize the way we foster sexual connection and pleasure when you can’t have sex in person, according to MBG. Sex is not just the normal, hetero penetration that we think it is, it can be anything you dream it to be. It can be any of the following things.

  • Phone sex
  • Sexting
  • Camming
  • Virtual reality 
  • Online role-playing
  • Long-distance sex toys
  • Cybersex
virtual sex
Image: Malvestida Magazine via Unsplash

Tips For An Easy Virtual Sex Experience

  • Consent: Consent is key in any sexual relationship, including an online one. You need to talk to your partner or partners through what you expect and what your boundaries are.  What is okay to do? What are your limits? These things should be communicated fully before participating in any kind of sexual activity.
  • Music: Music can make for an ultra-seductive sexual experience, even in real life! In any sexual encounter, we recommend making a playlist that can guide you through the type of sexual experience you choose to have. Seductive, passionate, hot, all of the above? Bonus points for being able to move to a rhythm and follow it!
  • Using the Other Senses: Because physical touch is a solo mission in this type of sex, you can entice those other senses for an all-around fun experience. Light a candle or some incense and let smell take over. Talk dirty to get your eardrums in a sexier than usual mood. Make sure your partner and yourself have a good view of each other during it all!
  • Sex toys: Sex toys are a fun add-on, even when you’re having physical sex! We have all this technology at hand, and we definitely recommend using it. Sex is playing at the end of the day and exploring everything you want with consent from both parties can prove for an indulgent experience.
  • Using a Mask: The internet is of course, not the safest place to play. Wear a mask if you feel uncomfortable when using the digital space to engage in sex. It’s kind of sexy, too!

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