Essential oils
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This Guide to Essential Oils Will Help You Destress

The use even goes back to the Greeks and the Romans, who used oils to treat their patients holistically.

The intrigue of essential oils stems from thousands of years ago. From Egypt to China to India, exploring this practice was an important part of ayurvedic medicine. The use even goes back to the Greeks and the Romans, who used oils to treat their patients holistically. For some, getting started in the use of essential oils can be challenging. For Saje Natural Wellness, it’s their calling. We spoke to their Education team about all things essential oils, from where they originated to how to properly use them. Keep reading for more!

Essential oils
Photo by Angélica Echeverry on Unsplash

Your Guide to Essential Oils

1) Where did the use of essential oils originate? 

The history of use is storied and vibrant; from ancient Egyptians growing and cultivating plants that were used in medicine and in spiritual and religious ceremonies, to China and India exploring plants in ways that would eventually become an important part of Ayurvedic medicine, to the Greeks and Romans placing heightened importance on treating patients holistically where possible, the use of essential oils from plants can be traced back thousands of years. Modern-day use of essential oils as we know it today can be traced back to René-Maurice Gattefossé. He was a perfumer and chemist who created the term “aromatherapy” in 1937. He also clearly distinguished the medicinal use of essential oils from their use in perfumery.

2) What is the purpose of essential oils?

They are one of the most potent and concentrated forms of plant medicine. Their purpose is to bring healing and relief to different parts of the body. Also, for them to have an impact on the mind and the emotional and metaphysical-spiritual realm. Simply stated, their purpose is to improve physical and psychological well-being.

3) Which oils are of use for what purposes? 

There are almost limitless possibilities of uses and purposes for different essential oils.

  • Lavender, probably the most well-known of all essential oils is reputed for being relaxing, balancing, and calming to the body and mind. It can of use to offset symptoms of stress as well as to help support restful sleep.
  • Eucalyptus, another common essential oil is often of use in aromatherapy as ‘the breathing oil’. It can help to encourage open and clear deep breathing, as well as support in relieving respiratory symptoms.
  • Frankincense, my personal favorite essential oil. It has been used for centuries as a spiritually supportive essential oil that can help ground and center both the body and mind in a meditative and reflective state. In a physical sense, it’s a supportive essential oil that is of use in everything from skincare and regeneration to respiratory support.

Oils work with our psychological association and memory with their aroma so finding the ones that resonate best with you personally is half the fun!

Lavender essential oil
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4) What are the different ways you can use essential oil?

At Saje, we recommend two main ways to receive the benefits: The first is through topical application, which means applying various essential oils that have been safely blended in roll-on’s, lotions, massage oils, etc. directly to the body. The second is through inhalation, which might be in the form of a nasal inhaler, a personal mist, or my personal favorite way, diffusion. Diffusing allows essential oil particles and water to be dispersed in the air. This is a safe and easy way for us to benefit from their different properties. Whether that be for energy and mood-boosting, or relaxation and sedation. We do not promote the internal use of essential oils in any way as we feel the dangers far outweigh the benefits and believe there are many other internal preparations of plant medicine that are much safer.

5) Why do Saje’s oils differ from the rest? 

Though there are much high quality and reputable essential oils available on the market today, there is also the possibility of purchasing essential oils that have been diluted or adulterated in some way; essentially, they have been ‘cut’ in the sense that they are no longer 100% pure oil. Even if they’ve been mixed with a safe substance like jojoba or grapeseed carrier oil. We proudly source 100% pure single note essential oils as listed on each of our bottles. We work closely with harvesters and suppliers. This ensures the essential oils we procure are exactly as we hope them to be. 100% pure, undiluted, and unadulterated. We provide GCMS testing results where necessary to governing regulatory bodies. This ensures our essential oils are in fact pure as we state them to be.

6) What are the products you recommend to have in your kit? 

Our Pocket Farmacy is an essential item! Five of our most loved roll-on’s (including the first product ever formulated at Saje & still our #1 today – Peppermint Halo) to support everything from pain, stress, and symptoms of cough and cold. It provides overall well-being from essential oils and comes in a convenient travel case you can take on-the-go. I personally never leave home without my Fortify Nasal Inhaler. It’s a cleansing and restorative blend of oils that can be inhaled directly a discreet and personal moment of wellness. Another one of my staples is our Peaceful Warrior crystal fresh deodorant spray. Lastly, Lip Nourish lip salve for dry, cracked lips and even cuticles or other dry areas, in a pinch!

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