Honey Facials: The Holistic Beauty Treatment For Glowing Skin & A Happy Heart

Designed for the busy-bees in need of a little soul-soothing.

honey mask
Image: Sam Bailey

Want to honour your skin beyond the surface layer? To dive right into all the sticky feelings, unclog the debris building from the inside out and completely surrender in order to soothe your soul and skin in the process?
It’s time to get acquainted with the hottest new holistic treatment hitting London town—the honey facial.
A ‘bee-spoke’ treatment offered at Bhuti—a wellness sanctuary in the heart of Richmond in London—the honey facial (otherwise known as the Therapi Honey Facial) combines locally harvested honey with sound therapy, deep fascia release massage and vibrational therapy to ‘cleanse and hydrate while re-awakening the skin, senses and spirit.’
Essentially, it’s so much more than a scoop and slather at-home honey treatment, which is what makes the treatment so unique. 
While honey is an age-old antibacterial remedy proven by science to help heal skin wounds, calm inflammation and fight off acne, when infused other sweet self-care practises, it provides serious skin deep benefits, soul-deep you could say.

honey facial
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As a girl with a basic beauty routine, who prefers to swerve more towards natural skin care products than chemical-laden ones, the moment I read about Bhuti’s honey facial—derived from Mother nature direct and using ancient sound therapy (derived from yoga)—I couldn’t wait to get in and give my skin the soothing salvation it had longed for (after a whirlwind Greek Island to London tour).
And it didn’t disappoint. Entering Bhuti alone, it was as if my soul sighed. All worries melted away.
With shoes off, I was shown to a quiet room and gifted some therapeutic tea and there I sat, held as if in a warm and loving embrace in this beautiful suspended egg chair while I awaited my treatment. 
Entering the spa, I snuggled into the fluffy white blankets, closed my eyes and awaited the magic.
But I didn’t expect what was next. Before I could nestle in too quickly, the sound therapy session began. Closing my ears with a warm towel, the spa therapist (who knew I was a yogi) invited me to begin a Brahmari pranayama session with her. 
Also known as ‘Bee Breath,’ Brahmari is a pranayama meditation technique in yoga which requires you to hum the letter ‘mmm’ with lips sealed (and covering ears) to create a bee humming noise that only the breather can hear. The desired result being said to work as any good meditation technique does, to calm anxiety and soothe stress.
And well, cleverly beginning a honey facial with a ‘bee breath’ meditation technique not only plants the seed (or pollen) in the mind, but actually helped create the desired effect, soothing the buzz and humdrum of London away from my body and leaving me into a state of surrender, ready for the bliss.
honey face mask
Image: iStock

Using organic propolis sourced direct from a local, the honey as described by Bhuti is said to contain ‘the nutritious nectar and therapeutic essences of a thousand flowers in just one drop’ and feels just as decadently good for you as described.
As the facialist pours the golden liquid onto my skin, she begins to massage it in a deep circular motion over my face, replenishing the skin and ironing out any frown lines and dehydration thanks to the deep fascia release technique.
From there, a warm towel was applied to remove sticky residue and then phase two began – the aromatherapy oils.
Applying a series of bespoke cold-pressed oils with active botanical extracts, the facialist then performed a tailored treatment, alternating oils and massage frequency to suit my weary sleep-deprived skin and rehydrate it back to pre-travel perfection.
honey facial
Image: Sam Bailey

With one last hot towel application to slowly scrape away the remnants of dry, dull skin, the facial was complete, my well honey-ed skin back to its sweet, supple self and soul revived.
As I emerged from the cosy bed to rest my feet back on the earth, it was as if the honey had dripped through my entire body, crown of head to heart and soles of feet. 
Feeling all gooey and grounded, I made my way back to the hammock chair where I nested for a little while longer, allowing the nourishment of the nectar to absorb deep into my skin and radiate it’s way back out.
When I did eventually emerge from my cocoon back out into the world, my skin was a glow, and soul infinitely more revived, I’d never felt more grounded and radiant at the same time.
Honey, you have my heart forever.

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