Why Coffee Is The New Wellness Ritual Proven To Help Weight Loss

Yet another science-backed reason to enjoy your morning espresso!

When it comes to shifting stubborn weight, we’ve often got the fitness routine and meal prep down pat, but what about the less obvious wellness rituals… like a morning coffee?
Yep, it turns out making time for a macchiato could be the difference between weight loss and weight gain, with a new study finding a daily cup of java could be the key to fuelling fat burn.
In a study conducted from the University of Nottingham, researchers have found that drinking a daily cup of coffee helps stimulate ‘brown fat’— the body’s fat-fighting defences that help tackle obesity and diabetes.

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What is brown fat and why does it matter? 
According to University of Nottingham’s lead professor Michael Symonds, “brown fat or brown adipose tissue (BAT) works in a different way to other fat in the body [in that] it produces heat by burning sugar and fat, often in response to cold. Increasing its activity improves blood sugar control as well as improving blood lipid levels and the extra calories burnt help with weight loss.”
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Before recently, it was only thought that babies and hibernating mammals had brown fat, but it turns out adults do too, hence why before this, no science hadn’t yet found a way to stimulate brown fat in humans.

But now, thanks to this groundbreaking new study, researchers were able to draw on previous work—that discovered that brown fat is located in the neck region— to determine straight after the participants drank coffee, whether the brown fat got hotter.
The results being? Coffee lovers around the world can continue to sip away guilt free!
Dreaded weight gain can officially be kept at bay by keeping up your daily brew habit (alongside the other health habits of course!), with researchers finding coffee does in fact stimulate brown fat activation and has the potential to be part of a weight management program or glucose regulation program to help prevent diabetes in the near future! 

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