5 Weird New Fitness Trends Set To Dominate In 2017

Whether you want to unleash your inner skater girl, mermaid or kangaroo in the new year, we've got you covered.

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2016 has been a massive year for unconventional new fitness trends. We’ve had bungee dancing, altitude training and aerial yoga, just to name a few! But with 2017 just around the corner (eek!) it’s time to make room for a new crop of trending workouts. It seems that next year will be all about reigniting the passion for things we loved doing as kids. Whether it’s skateboarding, crawling or swimming like a mermaid, it’s all about having fun while you get fit. Read on for our predictions on the hottest (and weirdest) fitness trends for next year:

Skateboarding pilates

Remember when Avril Lavigne first hit the music scene and every girl wanted to be a skater chick? Now, the trend is back! But don’t worry, you don’t have to pull out your dusty old board from the garage. A new pilates-inspired workout incorporating the skateboard is set to take the world by storm. It’s already a hot trend amongst all the chic fit girls in Paris, thanks to French celebrity trainer Raphael Doub. The fitness guru created the Colette Skate Gym, where a skateboard is used to add an extra challenge to moves like squats and lunges. The class is said to not only give you an epic full-body workout, but also help improve your flexibility and balance. Skateboarding pilates is yet to hit Aussie shores, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out. You can pick up your own board for an at-home workout here.


Great news: you can now get fit by acting like a baby! But that doesn’t mean you should lie on the ground and throw a tantrum in the supermarket. We’re talking about crawling: the new toddler-inspired fitness trend that’s being called the new planking. The simple move was recently brought into popularity by Original Strength. The US movement education company specialises in teaching adults to ‘reset’ their bodies by moving like children. The best thing about this core-strengthening move is that you can do it pretty much anywhere and that it requires zero equipment! You can do it one of two ways: on your knees or hovering one to two inches off the ground.

Cycle karaoke

Ever found yourself counting down the minutes until your spin class ends? Same. Let’s face it, even the best tunes and most enthusiastic instructors aren’t always enough to distract you from the agony of hill climbs. But what if you could preoccupy yourself by singing out loud without looking like a crazy person? Well, thanks to a new fitness trend originating at Crunch Fitness, now you can! The 45-minute sessions are just like your usual spin class. But instead of silently peddling away, you sing along to the lyrics flashing across a TV screen! The tracks are selected by each instructor, so you could find yourself belting out anything from Guns and Roses to Rihanna. At the moment the classes are only available at US locations. But fingers crossed they’ll pop up at one of the Australian branches soon!

Mermaid classes

Ever wanted an excuse to wear a colourful mermaid tail as an adult? Now’s your chance, thanks to the latest trend in aqua fitness! But if you think mermaid fitness classes involve just lazing in the pool in your glam mermaid get-up, think again! The classes, currently held by No Ripples in locations across Australia, are a seriously good workout! Each one hour class is a fusion of swimming, core, aerobics, dance and interval training set to upbeat music. You’ll be sweating your flippers off in no time!
For more info on No Ripples, click here.


We recently wrote about the benefits of going to a dance class here. But if you’re bored of Zumba or hip hop and want to take it to the next level (literally), Kangoo is the class for you. As the name suggests, the high-intensity dance class involves wearing specially-designed shoes and bouncing like a kangaroo! Sure, you might look a bit silly doing it. But not only will you get a killer cardio workout, it’s great for toning your calves too! The fitness craze started in the US, but is now available in various gyms across Australia. Check out Centennial Health Club in Sydney or Kangoo Club in Melbourne.

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