This bungee dance class will help fire up your core

Jump to the occasion (wink wink).

You may have spotted the video while scrolling through Facebook: A room full of people bouncing through the air. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Then get ready for the next best thing to hit your workout regimen: a bungee dance class.

Bungee Dance Class, exercise, core workout
Image via Custard Magazine

Stories to Tales Theatre is the Bangkok-based dance studio offering a fun, playful, and seriously core-engaging workout. The new concept has been getting rave reviews thanks to video posts like this one from Insider. The “dance class” was inspired by professional dancer “Art” Sivavut Mathong. With a nod to his background in theatrics, Art created this unique dance for people to have fun whilst working on their transverse abdominal muscles. A quick look at their Instagram and it’s easy to see why the classes are so popular. Flying through the air looks seriously fun!

How does it work?

First things first: a qualified instructor secures you into a harness, and you’re allotted an individual bungee cord. At the anchor point (the point directly beneath the bungee cord), your feet touch the ground. Yet, you are still supported by the harness around your hips (booty shorts are definitely not an option in this class). The further you move from the anchor point, the more resistance you will get from the cord.  In turn, it requires more core strength to go any further.

Bungee Dance Class, core workout, exercise
Image via Custard Magazine

Your instructor will talk you through the basics in Bungee 1, the beginner class. Once you’ve nailed the essentials, you’ll move on to level 2 for a challenging combination of dance, aerial flows, and even a little vertical action against the wall. Yep, it’s essentially a resistance class designed around your secret childhood fantasy of leaping like spiderman with the grace of a ballerina. All to the beat of some high-energy music.
Needless to say, this workout definitely gives aerial yoga a run for its money, not to mention gets serious points for Instagram-worthiness. All the more reason we can’t wait for this concept to leap on over to us, pun intended.

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