Try This Hip-Hop Yoga Playlist And Downward Dog to Snoop Dogg

hip hop yoga playlist
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A few things make Y-7 different from your average yoga class. With temperatures dialed up to 90 degrees, you are guaranteed to always leave dripping in sweat; and the ambient, candlelit rooms certainly create a vibe that most neighborhood studios can’t replicate. However, the reason why Y-7 counts Ashley Olsen, Zosia Mamet, and many of New York’s buzziest supermodels as fans is its playlists.
Teachers blast a lineup of Drake, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Miguel, and more new and classic hip-hop tracks, syncing an hour-long Vinyasa flow practice to the high-energy beat of each track. The result is an intense, but hugely addictive experience that you’ll want to repeat again and again. I’m a regular customer of Y-7’s Flatiron location in the heart of Manhattan, and can testify that, while I always leave the class drenched in sweat, there are few fitness experiences around the world that are quite this invigorating and inspiring. Plus, the combination of a heated room and deep stretching means you will leave feeling more flexible and limber than ever before. It really is one of the most incredible yoga classes on the planet, and if there’s a gym anywhere near you, you’ve got to try it as soon as possible.
However, if you can’t make it to one of Y-7’s six locations (five in New York and one in West Hollywood), you can at least have a piece of it at home with this playlist from the studio’s founder, Sarah Levey. On this Spotify compilation ahead you will find some of Levey’s favorite tracks, starting with lighter tunes and progressing to more heart-thumping tracks as you ramp up your practice. There’s everyone from The Weeknd to Future, Banks, and Big Sean on this list! So go ahead and roll out your mat, hit play, and get started.

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