These 5 things will make waking up in the morning a breeze (no alarm clock required!)

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Depending on your sleep animal, waking up in the morning can be quite a feat to accomplish. No matter how often you hit that snooze button, opening your eyes and jumping out of bed is a quality most of us wish we had. With summer just around the corner Down Under, now is the time to set up some healthy morning habits and seize the glorious morning hours so you can be your most productive. Ditch the pesky alarm clock and try these 5 rituals to make waking up a breeze.

5 easy rituals to help you wake up in the morning

Yoga Wake Up App

Yoga Wake Up App morning rituals how to wake up
Image: Yoga Wake Up App

What better way to wake up from that deep slumber then as if you were slowly coming out of savasana? Yoga Wake Up is making a difference for yogis and non-yogis alike. There are over 30 “wake ups” and each one is a recording of a yoga teacher, slowing coaxing you awake. A soothing voice tells you to wriggle your toes, and even do a few stretches from your bed. There’s even a guided meditation to set an intention for the day. The recordings are in the 5-15min range, which is better than hitting the snooze button for the same amount of time.

Water, lots of it

morning water bioceuticals lemon water magnesium
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This is the very first thing I do when I wake up, and I have to say it does the job. Every. Single. Time. No matter what time of the morning, I am up and ready to go after a simple glass of water. After all, we literally fast for the 7-8 hours when sleeping, which is why it is so important to replenish when you break that fast (ever wondered where the name breakfast came from?)
I always place a glass of water by my bedside table, with either lemon juice or magnesium powder in it, which I drink first thing in the morning. It’s like a shower for your brain and it will immediately clear the morning fogginess away. The lemon juice does wonders for your skin and alkalizes your body for the day. While the magnesium powder gives your muscles a surge of energy, and if you get one with added vitamin B, you will definitely be feeling the difference. I can’t live without this magnesium powder from Bioceuticals

Stretch and shower

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You may have already done a few stretches from your bed thanks to the app. But it’s also helpful to do a few standing stretches every day to wake up your muscles and improve your flexibility. Some back bends and forward folds are great to reinvigorate the spine and nervous system. Maybe even try a few core moves to break a sweat before you hit a refreshing shower.

Natural light

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The best way to awaken your brain and let it know the day has started is with some natural light. You may think you’re already doing that, but no, we’re not talking about your iPhone. If possible, your bedroom should let in some natural light first thing in the morning. Although this may not always be easy in the darker winter months, a wake-up alarm, like the Lumi Bodyclock, creates a gradual sunrise for you to wake up and has even proven to boost productivity and energy levels thanks to their 30 min sunset and sunrise functions. 

Start with coffee

morning coffee bedside table joshua Renouf
If all else fails, nothing can beat the smell of freshly ground coffee brewing in the kitchen or better, your bedside table. Entitled “Barisieur”, this modern and sleek design from Joshua Renouf brews a fresh cup of joe as you slowly wake up to that irresistible smell. Didn’t we say you wouldn’t need to hit the snooze button?

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