Take flight at Bondi's new aerial yoga studio

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's aerial yoga!

If you ask us, there’s not enough love for aerial yoga. In fact, there’s not enough aerial yoga in our lives. Seriously, who doesn’t want the benefits of an anti-gravity stretch-sesh? The way we see it: anti-gravity = anti-wrinkles = anti-ageing.
Beach Flow, aerial yoga, Bondi
Aside from the obvious satisfaction of being able to do an inversion without actually needing to stand on your head, we’re talking about floating reverse-Downward Dog as you swing from your silk hammock à la Jane-of-the-Jungle. Sound fun yet? We thought so too. Introducing the newest workout to sway it’s way to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs: Beach Flow, and we are quite literally head over heels about it.
Beach Flow, aerial yoga, Bondi
With a light filled studio and a breezy, blue and white setting, it’s like you left one beach for another as soon as you enter the welcoming environment. Classes are fun, interactive, and will have you second guessing all those protein balls you gorged on last night. Really, your core will thank you. Classes range from aerial Pilates, to aerial flow (a.k.a suspension fitness), or if you’re more in the mood for some grounding traditional yoga, there’s a hot Vinyasa style that’s sure to get your Namaste on.
Beach Flow, Bondi, aerial yoga One look at their Instagram page and you get an idea of the fun flow you’ll be getting tangled into. The qualified instructors lead authentic, instructive classes that combine elements of yoga and Pilates. In addition to being caring and knowledgeable about the practice, they are there to make you feel safe no matter what contorted position you find yourself in. Just take a leap of faith and be prepared to get intertwined in some no-nonsense fun, cause it will literally turn your frown, upside down.

Be sure to book ahead as the word is spreading fast and the classes are filling up! See you on the flip side.

Beach Flow

Address: 151 Curlewis street, Bondi NSW Australia

Website: www.beachflow.com.au

Facebook: Beach Flow Bondi 

Instagram: @beachflowbondi


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