Weight Loss Secrets: How This Mom Shed 22 Pounds & Successfully Kept It Off
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Weight Loss Secrets: How This Mom Shed 22 Pounds & Successfully Kept It Off

She lists her top tips and secrets that made it possible

Kate Robinson is a Brisbane based wedding photographer and the proud mother of 2 beautiful children. When Kate gave birth to her first baby, Ava in 2015, Kate’s world (like many parents) was completely rocked and weight loss became difficult. They were living in America at the time, had limited family support, and when times became stressful and out of control, kate became unhappy and would turn to food for comfort.

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Fast forward just over two years, Kate has now moved to sunny Brisbane, in Australia, and since has had her 2nd baby, Tom. Since having Tom, Kate still wasn’t being mindful of the food she ate. She didn’t have a plan and like many moms, Kate wanted to lose the weight to feel more confident in her own skin, to be able to shoot weddings without feeling like a bus had hit her the next day and to have enough energy to keep up with her beautiful children. This was her DREAM…

How Kate Robinson Lost Her Weight
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But, Kate wasn’t aware of how to get healthy and shed the pounds. Kate knew the basics, she joined the gym, loaded her fridge up with veggie sticks to snack on, and even tried to drink more water…but nothing was working. Then at the end of 2018, fed up with her lack of energy and confidence, she finally discovered a health program that changed her world. Now Kate’s dream had a date, a goal, and a plan. The educational health program (called Health with Bec) was a three-week plan of eating moderately low carbs. Since it was only three weeks, Kate committed to the plan and learned so much valuable information about mindful food eating. The plan totally flipped any prior diets she had been doing. After not seeing results with the other diets, and often still feeling hungry, it would all become a constant cycle, nothing would work, which is why doubt often clouded her judgment of eating healthy. However, with the new 3-week program she did, the weight finally started to come off and her energy levels and confidence returned. This new way of eating became her new way of life.

Kate has always LOVED food, but the one thing that this program offered that others didn’t, was that it never felt like she was depriving herself of food. The meals were filling and tasty, her bloating disappeared and her energy levels were consistently high.

How Kate Robinson Lost Her Weight
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Kate still eats delicious food, but the difference is, now Kate eats mindfully to fuel her body. There’s no meal prep, Kate just buys the meat and vegetables, chocolate, and nuts she loves eating and applies it to the low-carb recipes from the program.

Kate learned a whole new way of eating — that she didn’t have to eat carbs to make her feel full. It was all about serving size, different recipe ideas, and being mindful when she ate. Kate hopes that sharing her story gives other women the encouragement they need today to feel confident.

Kate’s tips

  1. Eating below approximately 50 g net carbs per day
  2. Cutting out all sugar and eating only whole foods
  3. Ensuring a source of fat was consumed with each meal (ie avocado in smoothies, in main meals or snacks, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, chia seeds, and coconut yogurt or cream). Fat’s cannot be feared in a lower-carb weight loss plan, they are essential to help you feel satiated, keep cravings at bay and therefore reduce the consumption of calories overall throughout the day easily.
  4. Bulking up the main meals with low calorie, non-starchy vegetables to ensure the meals are large, yet calorie-controlled – no small meals!
  5. Focussing on eating mindfully
  6. Doing a big grocery shop on a Sunday to ensure all the pantry staples are stocked up for the week
  7. Nearly every dinner meal is made in double quantity to act as lunch the next day and is always simple to execute, easy and fast.
  8. Room for at least two freedom meals, where she was encouraged to eat whatever she likes! This creates balance and not too much rigidity — something that always stops women from following through with mindful eating.

About the weight loss program

Bec Miller is the founder of Health with Bec., a clinical nutritionist (BScNutr.) specializing in weight loss. Bec’s life mission is to help women who have “tried it all” spurs from her own story and personal weight and gut healing journey.

Bec struggled with chronic digestive concerns and weight fluctuations in her late teens to early 20’s, and have since healed herself in a way that definitely isn’t taught in the mainstream nutrition guidelines! This fuels her intense, daily drive to help women worldwide who suffer from the same things as she did with her unique, tried and tested approach that helps women slim down without the hunger and begin to heal their gut concerns. Not only that, but women are also keeping the weight off in the long term, which is rarely seen in other weight loss plans!

Find out more here with her 3 Week Body Reset plan and online membership, the Health with Bec Tribe!

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