5 Common Causes of Bloating, And How to Deal

Bye bye, belly bloat.

5 Common Causes of Bloating, And How to Deal
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There it is again, that familiar feeling of expansion in your abdomen. The pressure is increasing, and by now you know what’s likely coming next: uncomfortable gas and stomach pain. Your gut is sending out an SOS!

No one likes feeling like a human balloon, and that swollen sensation can cause serious discomfort. While there are a handful of ways to effectively reduce the bloat, you’ll first have to pinpoint and address the root cause. We’ve partnered with HUM Nutrition to share 5 common causes of bloating, and how to manage each to keep digestion running smoothly. With just a bit of mindfulness, some easy swaps and nutritional solutions, you’ll be on your way to beating the bloat.

1. Bacterial Imbalance

It all starts in the gut! The microbiome is having a major moment these days, and for good reason. Maintaining a strong gut microbiome is essential for smooth digestion and overall optimized health. If the ideal balance of good to bad bacteria is thrown off, you may even notice issues beyond digestion—anything from brain fog to skin concerns. Taking a daily probiotic will help to balance out the baddies! HUM Nutrition’s potent Gut Instinct packs ten strains and 25 billion helpful probiotics to ease digestion, while also boosting the immune system and fortifying skin against aging and breakouts.

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2. Swallowing Air

5 Common Causes of Bloating, And How to Deal

Aerophagia—aka swallowing air—can be the hidden cause of excess bloat. Subtle things like using straws and chewing gum can have a major impact on the body. Bubble water? Might want to ditch that too. As you eat, make each meal a mindfulness practice. Sit down, be sure to eat slowly, and chew well to help aid digestion and avoid swallowing excess air.

3. Food Sensitivities

5 Common Causes of Bloating, And How to Deal

Too many processed foods can certainly cause bloating, but even “healthy” alternatives can be doing more harm than good. Sugar alcohols from sugar-free snacks, carbonated beverages, and too much fiber all at once can cause your stomach to swell up. Experiment and take note of how you feel after eating to identify the foods that may be causing your digestion some distress.

4. Lack of Digestive Enzymes

Bloating and gas after a meal are signs that your body isn’t making enough digestive enzymes on its own. Supporting digestion with a unique blend of enzymes can be your secret to a slimmer stomach! We like to avoid post-meal symptoms with HUM Nutrition’s proprietary blend Flatter Me, which supports all phases of nutrient digestion. Specially designed to optimize protein, carb, fiber and fats breakdown, you’ll find relief from regular indigestion and bloating.

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5. Too Much Stress

5 Common Causes of Bloating, And How to Deal

Stress affects digestion, especially in those with an already sensitive system or existing conditions. Stress signals slow down our gut movement as blood rushes elsewhere in preparation for “fight or flight” mode, and can also upset the pH of the digestive tract. Just another reason to take it easy and cut out what’s not serving you! Make stress reduction a real priority with an active self-care practice, whether that includes meditation, a HIIT workout, relaxing baths, gentle movement, or something else entirely. Your gut will thank you!

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