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Your Weekly Horoscope News: August 3rd – August 9th

Everything you absolutely need to know to get through this upcoming week.

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The High Priestess Of Brooklyn

Happy Monday! Alex of High Priestess of Brooklyn here with your Astro x Tarot Scopes weekly horoscope for August 3rd through August 9th. We are a part of the rhythm nation! We start this week with a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd and the Sun, Moon, and Uranus form a T-Square, all in fixed signs. The Keywords for this lunation are revolution, freedom, and individualization. A clear vision for our future is ripe for inter-generational disruption. Read on for what’s illuminated for you this Full Moon and listen to our full forecast on Priestesses Prescribe! Keep reading for your weekly horoscope.

Image: High Priestess of Brooklyn

Your Weekly Horoscope


You’re aware that rumbling with vulnerability can make a Seven of Wands moment much easier, so pushing past adversity has you feeling accomplished this week, Leo. Let this energy guide you right into Lion’s Gate (8/8) where the messages could be abundantly clear for you. 


The Sun is in your corner, making this week feel like a warm hug from the celestial body. This would be a great week to step into the spotlight with any projects you’ve been working on behind the scenes. Your work will be met with universal acclaim. 


If things being presented to you this week look too good to be true, they probably are, Libra. The Seven of Cups remind us that instant gratification usually doesn’t pay off in the end. Hang back and let things play out the way they should. 


Fast and furious is the name of your game this week, Scorpio. You’re finding your mind to mouth filter is broken, leading to some frank conversations. Your intentions are pure, but this fast and loose play could have your people’s heads spinning! Give them a second to catch-up.


Your back at your regular warp-speed, Sagittarius, and now you’re wondering why you took on all these projects! The Ten of Swords urges that your plate is now full so act with integrity when people ask for your genius. Saying “no” graciously is one of the kindest things you can do. 


Ready to move past negativity? The Eight of Swords reminds you that “it’s all mental” and your negative self-talk can really hinder your progress. Pay attention to the negative thought loop and stop it in its tracks. Then choose to reframe it in a positive. Write it down or speak it into existence to change the pattern.⁠


The Full moon illuminates in your sign, allowing your vision for the future to become clear in the present. This has always been one of your strengths, but you tend to play to those who will listen. Expand outside of your circle with the Two of Wands to inspire others this week, Aquarius. 


You’ll be temporarily re-routed this week as the Chariot flips. Trust the process because as Gabby Bernstein says, “Obstacles are just detours in the right direction.” You’ll be back on the right course before you know it, Pisces.  


Sleepless nights will give way to some unproductive days this week, Aries. The Nine of Swords reminds us that fear and anxiety can stop us dead in our tracks. Keep a journal next to your bed and write down what’s keeping you up. You can deal with it in the morning. 


Much like Oat milk past its expiration date, you too have waited just a little too long to engage on a project, Taurus. There’s nothing worse than realizing a great opportunity has passed you by or that you wasted half a bottle of Oat milk. Call them back!


Your unique skillset allows you to understand what’s missing from an equation this week, Gemini. Channel your inner Good Will Hunting, grab your three of wands, and hustle to figure this one out!


I’m proud of you, Cancer! You’ve found a way to master your emotions in a totally productive way. Your friends and family will come to you knowing your advice is sage and sound. Embody the King of Cups and dole it out generously this week! Happy horoscope reading, Amodrn family!

As a rising Capricorn/Gemini Sun/Scorpio Moon and a lifelong student of all things mystic, Alex Caiola, aka High Priestess of Brooklyn uses Tarot and Astrology as a language to interpret energy for your weekly horoscope. She discovered her gift of Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing) in her ’20s, smack-dab in the middle of her ten-year career in Talent Management. Both careers have been centered around her innate ability to understand people. Over time, she realized her gift was taking esoteric, inaccessible wisdom, and breaking it down into practical advice. She founded High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping people achieve Modern Enlightenment. She believes everyone should be able to access the benefits of mysticism, not just the spiritually elite, so she created this platform to deliver curated spiritual wellness practices in a down-to-Earth format.  Alex resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn so the name High Priestess of Brooklyn was intuitive. 

Consistent Tarot Practice has incredible potential to bring about self-awareness, empathy, and trust in your universal purpose. Alex is here to give that to you. But in order for Spiritual guidance to stick, we have to bring it down to Earth. Alex believes in prescribing the best solution for the situation, which may be a Salt bath, a tough conversation with your partner, a manifestation list, or all of the above. During these unprecedented times, she can help guide you through difficulties you might be facing and help you better understand and become the best version of yourself.

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