Here's How Joining A New Moon Circle Can Support Manifestation

Moon gatherings are making a comeback!

No longer are full moon rituals and magic spell casting reserved for witches—new age spirituality and moon manifestation is making its way back into the mainstream.
While once considered ‘woo woo’ and weird, the age-old practice of harnessing the powers of the full moon to conjure up our deepest secret desires is now a thing again with modern moon circles groups popping up in yoga studios and spiritual circles worldwide.
With the full moon in bloom this evening and manifestation vibes set to be high as we move into a new astrological year (hello Aries new moon), it’s the perfect time to explore what moon circles are and how we can tap into the moon’s energy and bring those dreams to the surface.

Speaking with Jordanna Levin, self-proclaimed ‘Lunar Lover’ and ‘Manifesting Mentor’ based in Sydney who runs the popular modern moon circle ‘Lunar Nights’ we uncover the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ ‘how,’ of moon circles, cycles and manifestation

Let’s talk moon cycles, why should we follow them?

“Traditionally, our ancestors in caveman times used the moon to count time, essentially like a calendar. They favoured the lunar (moon) cycle over the solar (sun) cycle as the lunar has a similar cycle to the human cycle of birth, death, decay, rebirth, nothingness. The moon moves through eight phases then after the full moon, it disappears again. And this happened every month no matter what, making it the first ruler of cycles.”

“So the idea is that humans and nature follow similar cycles and take our energy from the moon—for example, farmers have used the moon cycle to this day to harvest biodynamic crops, alongside women and menstrual cycles, which also follow a 28-30 day cycle, with bleeding occurring around the new moon.”

new moon circle
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How does the moon cycle affect our energy?

“Back in the early days, the light from the moon influenced our melatonin, circadian rhythms and menstrual cycles but now with the blue light from our phones and artificial city lights we’ve become so disconnected from our cyclical nature and exposed to so much artificial stimuli now, essentially falling out of the natural cyclical rhythms.”

“So by following the moon cycles and understanding the waxing and waning phases and learning how they affect energy levels we can surrender to our natural cycle and adapt our actions accordingly.”

So, what are the waxing and waning cycles?

“The whole lunar cycle takes place over a 29-day cycle with eight moon phases, which are broken into two parts—the waxing and waning stage. The phase between new moon to full moon is the waxing and the full moon to new moon is the waning phase.”

“For the first 15 days we move through the waxing phase, which can be likened to a yang phase, so the energy is higher and can be likened to vinyasa yoga, running HIIT exercise. During this time, it’s a great chance to create, take action, plant seeds, new ideas, set intentions. This is when I run my moon circle Lunar Nights and we work on manifestation.”

“After the waxing phase, we slip into the waning phase which is a more passive yin like energy, which could be likened to more mellow exercises like yoga, yin, nidra, meditation, restorative, walking. During the waning cycle, it’s a good time to release things that no longer serve you and to rest and restore.”

new moon circle
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“So when you put it into an entire lunar cycle, it’s a perfect yin and yang, a beautiful wholeness and sense of balance.”

Let’s talk moon circles! What are they and how does manifestation play into it?

“While there may be some women’s circles that focus on the menstrual cycle’s relation to the moon, my moon circle differs in that it’s more centred on manifestation and is practical, relatable and not overly ‘woo woo.’ My goal is to connect all humans (men too!) back to the universal cycle of life and also help them manifest and create a future they desire using the moon phase to energetically help support it.”

What can you expect to happen at a moon circle?

“At my event Lunar Nights I guide people through a series of beautiful meditations to connect back to self, then we learn a little about the current moon and energy we’re sitting in, how to set intentions and then collectively set them then with a guided meditation applying the manifestation equation.”

new moon circle
Image: Jordanna Levin

“I also now run an online moon circle, which I think will be the way of the future. I had 80 people from all over the world – Australia, Germany, Scotland, Singapore, London, LA login and the beauty of going online meant shy or introverted people felt not only comfortable talking about their manifestation desires from the safe space of their home but also more empowered to speak up and share.”

Lastly, how can we harness the energy of the moon to manifest our dreams?

“The manifestation equation I use is based on four universal laws, one law being the law of rhythm (the moon) and speaks to the fact everything in the universe ebbs and flows, including the moon cycle.”

“By understanding our energy levels and taking actions that match the cycle, we develop a sense of wholeness (or balance) and learn to trust in ourselves more. It’s then from this space of self-worth that we can manifest. The key to manifestation lies completely in your ability to feel worthy. If you feel worthy you will manifest everything you wish to achieve.”
With the new moon fast approaching, if you want to make magic happen and manifest your every dream and desire, check out Levin’s Lunar Nights events, new book ‘Make it Happen’ or listen to her podcast The Inspired Table for regular moon energy updates.

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