This Job Will Literally Pay You To Travel The World—And Anyone Can Apply travel guide, italy
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Remember that job advertisement for the person who got paid to live on the Great Barrier Reef and swim with turtles? Did you get it? We didn’t think so. Don’t feel sad, this one may be even better.
Online booking site, is looking for a Global Travel Specialist to fill “The Best Job Ever.” The lucky candidate will spend the next year travelling around four postcard- (sorry, Instagram-) worthy locations: Iceland, Nepal, Peru and Italy … “doing what?” you ask. The job description states, “developing travel itineraries, creating travel content, recruiting local experts and partnering with local businesses to helping millions of people achieve unforgettable travel experiences.” In other words, you’ll be getting to know the area and the people, and developing wicked itineraries for others that you can first test out yourself.
Sounds like a scam? It’s legit. is the latest project from the brains behind Tripadvisor, EveryTrail and Trekking Partners—they’re a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup that’s going places (pardon the pun). Founded by four travel experts, is an online planning and booking platform creating bespoke travel experiences for those who want to explore off the beaten track.

Explorin’ the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu w/ @hilvees 🗿☑️

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“For many of us, travel planning has become a painful experience; we spend countless hours researching online and are left with too many choices,” their website states. “Instead, imagine talking with a local travel expert, someone who knows the destination well and can offer curated travel advice. A person who loves recommending great experiences based on your personal interests. And what if they could put the entire trip together to easily review and book in one place?”
Imagine ticking the Northern Lights, Mount Everest, Machu Picchu and Cinque Terre off your bucket list in 12 months, all whilst being paid. Seriously, screw turtles, you could be eating pasta and sipping rosé on the Amalfi Coast. And the best bit? You don’t even have to be hot enough to be an influencer. Yep, you can hide behind your expert planning and communication skills.
So what’s the catch? Applications close Monday, September 4 (we’re assuming it’s PST so you have one day to apply). It only takes five minutes but planes don’t wait, you know?

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