This Colourful Pasta Art Is Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

pasta art
Image: Instagram @saltyseattle

How do you like your pasta? Al dente with a creamy sauce? Covered in a rich tomato sauce and pile of Parmesan? In a cheesy pasta bake? Whatever your preference, I’m willing to bet you’ve never had pasta like the ones Linda Miller Nicholson aka. @saltyseattle makes.
The food writer and TV host has amassed an Instagram following of more than 80K, thanks to her vibrant pasta art. As a child, Linda lived on an Idaho farm and became a vegetarian who often had to cook for herself. Her grandparents taught her how to make German egg noodles at the age of four. Later in life, she moved to Italy with her husband and learned how to prepare traditional Italian pasta. However, it wasn’t until she was back in the US and had her son that she started to experiment with colourful pasta designs. In order to get him to eat his veggies, she snuck spinach into her homemade dough — and realised the green pasta looked seriously cool!
All of the pasta is naturally coloured with superfoods like beetroot, spirulina and blueberries. So, although the pasta looks like it belongs in art gallery, it’s actually really good for you! Scroll through the gallery to see some of Linda’s finest pastapieces.

Rainbow farfalle

These farfalle remind me of Mexican folklore dancers twirling away in their Jalisco skirts.

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Pastel spirals

Bucatini. What pastel pasta daydreams are made of. #vegan

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Floral rigatoni

Earth ravioli

Ok, week, I’ll see your Monday & raise you by heaps of 🌏 ravioli 🌍 so I can make it through you.

A post shared by Linda Miller Nicholson (@saltyseattle) on

Monochrome bowties

Pretty little things. #farfalle #bowties

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Emoji ravioli

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