These are the active wear brands you'll be wearing in 2017

We bet your yoga tights.

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Sometimes it feels like every woman and her dog is starting an active wear label. And don’t get us wrong, the more the merrier. I mean, “I have too many sneakers,” said no woman ever, right?
But with all the new fitness fashion hitting our shelves, it’s easy to get lost in spandex alley. So since we get word of the latest labels before most, we thought we’d help you out. Here are five active wear brands worthy of your 2017 wardrobe.

5 Active Wear Brands You’ll Be Living In Next Year

Go! Gorman

Yep, you heard it hear first, your favourite fruity brand has ventured into active wear with the launch of Go! by Gorman. Their first collection is small but it’s far from quiet. In true Gorman style, the range is full of kaleidoscopic colours and bold prints. If you love loud tights, this will be your new favourite brand, and if you’re more of the ‘black is the new black’ type, prepare to be converted. The collection includes functional tights, crops, tanks and tops as well as raincoats and a sweater for your athleisure needs.
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Girlfriend Collective

Any bet you’ve seen this brand plastered across your social media channels. In fact, you’ve probably snapped up a pair of leggings from their lust-worthy promotion. If not, let me introduce you. Girlfriend Collective is a new active wear label that’s set to officially launch in 2017. In their words, they produce “minimal, luxury active wear that won’t sweat your bank account.” In our words, they produce our fashion wish list, signed and sealed. Their designs are simple but stylish, and a little bit sexy; we guarantee they’ll be your 2017 staples. Plus, they’re backed by experience – the team includes an ex-lululemon lead designer and an ex-Acne Studios/H&M/Puma etc. designer – and good morals – they’re fair trade and made from 100 percent recycled water bottles. Do we need to give you any more reasons to place an order?
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You know those labels where the designer creates a small collection that only consists of pieces that they’d love to own themselves. Well, that’s Slinkii. Founded by Pia Muehlenbeck, Slinkii creates quality sportswear for stylish females. The designs are simple but fun – think stripes, spots and crosses – and super flattering. Check them out for yourself but be warned, walking away with one item is highly unlikely, especially with such chic matching sets.
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Arcadia Movement

A hint of modern, a hint of retro and a dollop of cool, Arcadia Movement have us wanting to break a sweat. New to the fashionable fitness game, this brand has hit the mark with their latest collection, Elevate. In the range, you’ll find functional apparel mixed in with slouchy, sporty leisure wear – everything you need to complete your sports luxe style. For workouts, we love the Oddity legging and Echo tank, and we can’t go passed the Max shorts and trackies when it comes time to relax.
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Although Huntr has been on the scene for a little while (it launched in 2015), it seemed to fall off the treadmill for a short time. But we’re here to get it back up and running because we love the brand’s minimalistic style. Largely athleisure wear – with the exception of one pair of tights – the collection is full of flattering shapes and monochrome colour palettes – think black and white with a touch of pastel pink. But what sets it apart is its ability to transforms staples into statements through interesting cuts and styles.
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