These Are The Iconic Sport’s Most Popular Items Right Now

Plus the inside scoop on what's coming next.

Getting the first look at the latest active wear collections is every fit-girl’s dream; you’d be ahead of the latest trends, sporting all the latest gear. But for Mareile Osthus, Head of Buying at THE ICONIC, it’s a reality. In fact, it’s actually her job. And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t jealous.
So to bring you the scoop on upcoming trends, and to save you from being “so last season,” we spoke to Mareile Osthus about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of fitness fashion. Here’s what she had to say…

What’s Trending Now (And What To Expect Soon)

7/8 Printed Tights

long disco tights by adidas stella mccartney, the iconic sport, the iconic, bright blue tights, nimble activewear lauren 7/8 tight

As the weather starts to warm up and our summer collections are dropping in, it’s all about the 7/8 printed legging right now,” says Mareile.
We love: The 7/8 tight is an extremely flattering length as it elongates your legs without cutting you off at the calves or ankles.

Shop → Adidas Stella McCartney Long Disco Tights | Nimble Activewear Lauren 7/8 Tight (Midnight Pansies)

Darker Shades With Pops Of Colour

pineapple midi pants by the upside, the iconic, the upside pineapple tights,

“The trend is still around the darker prints but we are seeing some strong sales around pops of colour on dark bases, as well as darker floral prints,” says Mareile.
We love: Dark shades will never go out of style but don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour now and again. It’ll make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Shop → The Upside Pineapple Midi Pants | Adidas Originals Leggings

Rhianna’s Puma Fenty Capsule

Puma Fenty Collection, long rib athletic skirt by fenty,

“Rhianna’s Puma Fenty capsule collection has exploded globally. We’ve equally had huge success with the range with record sales in the first few hours of the launch online,” says Mareile.
We love: While Rhi Rhi may be the only one who can pull off these uber-trendy looks, we can’t help but try. P.s. How sexy is this cross-back bra?

Shop → Cross-Back BraLong Rib Athletic Stripe Skirt

Retro-Inspired Collections

Tommy Hilfiger Ath Viviana Crew-Neck Long Sleeve Top, Tommy Hilfiger Ath Piped Running Leggings, the iconic, nike cortez ultra moire, tommy hilfiger ath leggings, tommy hilfiger ath top

“There are a few trends coming through for next season that we are really excited about and we are seeing globally. The first is the retro-inspired collections. Most of the majors are throwing back to some of their original branding and revamping some original collections from apparel right down to footwear. We’re seeing some very cool new labels emerging in the market bringing the same influences into their ranges,” says Mareile.
We love: The classics – like Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and so on – were always on point. Why not throw back to their original designs for a retro refurb?

Shop → Nike Women’s Cortez Ultra Moire | Tommy Hilfiger Ath Viviana Crew-Neck Long Sleeve Top | Tommy Hilfiger Ath Piped Running Leggings

Oversizded Hoodies and Roll Down Necks

adidas Z.N.E hoodie, the iconic, puma style track top, active wear

“Keep oversized hoodies and jackets on the radar for next season, anything with a roll down neck will be a must have,” says Mareile.
We love: When it comes to being comfy, oversized is always best. Throw in a rolled neck and you’re guaranteed to stay warm to and from workouts.

 Shop → Adidas Z.N.E Hoodie | Puma Style Track Hoodie


gold shorts by puma, puma archive logo tee, the iconic, shutz metallic sneakers

“There are some very exciting new labels using metallic prints in their collections and we should start seeing them online this season,” says Mareile.
We love: There’s a reason metallics keep coming back. Buy a pair of silver sneakers and you’ll have them for the long haul.

Shop → Schutz Metallic Sneakers | Puma Archive Logo | Puma Gold Shorts

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