The 7 Best Black Leggings You Need to Make It Through Fall and Winter

One pair for every day of the week.

Fall, you’re our favorite for so many reasons. Sure, we’re a bit sad to wave goodbye to weekend beach trips and the season of rosè, but now that they weather has finally changed it’s time to embrace spice-infused coffee drinks, moody lipstick, and the return of ankle boots.
But the real unsung hero of the months from November to March (let’s be real—April)? Black leggings. They’re cute now with that new sweater you just bought from Anthro, but they are necessary when it’s mid-January and you can’t possibly imagine braving the snow, wind, and city streets without at least two layers of puffy jacket.
We’ve rounded up our seven favorites—one for every day—because you can never have too many pairs of flattering black leggings.


lululemon Align Pant

via lululemon
via lululemon

We like to imagine that we wake up on Monday morning ready to take on the week. After a restful weekend, we jump out of bed full of energy and vigor, excitedly prepared to have the best. day. ever.
But let’s be honest, sometimes Mondays feel like Monday—and aren’t all that great. Turn the first day of the week into your favorite day by making the Align Pant part of your Monday morning uniform. The ‘naked’-feeling black leggings are ultra soft, super-stretchy, and come with a really flattering high waistband. Full-length on shorties and slightly cropped on regular-sized ladies, the Align Pant looks killer tucked into boots. We like.
Shop the Align Pant here.


ADAY Brakes On Legging

via ADAY
via ADAY

Monday—check. Time to crush Tuesday. These ADAY Brakes On Leggings will help you take care of business. We’re obsessed with ADAY’s entire line because of their street-to-studio look that’s chic, minimalist, and sophisticated. Imagine that cool, jet-setting girlfriend of yours who always looks so pulled together, even when she wears spandex and a baggy t-shirt. Here’s the thing: she’s probably rocking ADAY.
In any case, these leggings are everything. Using a combination of matte and ‘wet-look’ fabrics (shiny, sexy fabric that hugs in all the right places), the Brakes on Leggings can easily be worn in the boardroom and at happy hour drinks with co-workers. We especially love the iPhone pocket on the right hip—so thoughtful!
Shop ADAY here.


Alo Yoga High-Waisted Airbrush Legging

Hump Day generally calls for celebrating—and a little fashion shake-up. Take a cue from Gigi Hadid (who was recently spotted rocking these on the streets of NYC) and slither into these Alo Yoga High-Waisted Airbrush leggings. They look like leather, but feel soft and cozy like your favorite pair of sweats. Very sexy, and much more breathable than the real thing! If you fall in love—you definitely will, once you check out how amazing these make your bum look—Alo offers this model in a variety of colors. You’ll never need to take them off.
Shop Alo Yoga here.


Heroine Sport Power Sweatpant 

Thursday so often becomes the busiest day of the week—there’s something about the impending freedom of Friday that makes us want to load up our plate with workout classes, brainstorming meetings, and a few hours of serious work. Put on your noise-cancelling headphones and get sh*t done in these Heroine Power Sweatpants. The drawstring-pocket combo on these leggings will get you fully into boss mode, while keeping you insanely comfy.
Shop Heroine Sport here


Koral Frame Legging 

via Heroine Sport

TGIF. Who said that happy hour only starts after 5 p.m.? These Koral leggings are every cool fall trend rolled up into one: Mess, luxe fabric, and high-waisted silhouette. Rock them with your favorite sporty sneakers to take the sexy appeal down a notch at work, then switch into your flashiest footwear for a night out.
Shop Koral here.


Lanston Sport Brushed High Waisted Leggings

via Lanston Sport

OK, these guys? They’re straight-up magic. Think Spanx meets your favorite pair of lounge pants. No clue how they do it, but the geniuses at Lanston Sport somehow crafted these leggings to lift our booties, slim our tummies, and make our legs look tight and toned—and they’re mad comfy. Wear ’em to brunch with the ladies, to run errands downtown, and to Saturday afternoon yoga in the park. Also note that they’re the deepest shade of black—just how we like them.
Shop Lanston Sport here


Girlfriend Collective Legging

via Girlfriend Collective

We saved the best for last—Girlfriend Collective is our favorite new sportswear brand. Even though they’ve only got one product (black leggings, natch), they’re already killing it; order your pair today and expect for them to hit your doorstep in about three months. Although they’re incredibly flattering and cozy—perfect for a Netflix-filled Sunday afternoon—we’re fans of Girlfriend Collective because they use fair trade manufacturers and recycled fabric.
Save the world by wearing a fierce pair of black leggings? We’re in.
Shop Girlfriend Collective here.

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