Australia's first vegan pub opens in Sydney

A fresh twist on traditional pub food.

The Green Lion, vegan pub, Sydney

Pubs are typically known for their beer, steak, burger and chips (not the most vegan-friendly options). While vegan alternatives are being more and more common (see vegan doughnuts and ice cream) a pub is the last place you might expect to offer a vegan experience. Sydney’s new vegan pub is about to change all that. The Green Lion in Rozelle offers a new twist on traditional pub food.

The concept

Owners Bhavani Baumann and Sacha Joannou opened the aptly named Green Lion in Rozelle’s Red Lion Hotel. The vegan pub offers vegan twists on traditional pub meals. From vegan pizza and nachos to ‘not dogs’ the unusual menu is sure to attract both vegans and non-vegans to the venue.
The interior has cleverly been painted a lime green, in place of the traditional red, to signify the vegan theme. Whilst a collaboration with Urchin Books has resulted in part of the pub featuring a cross between a library and a bookshop. It gives the pub a warm, homey kind of feel.
In addition, The Green Lion holds a weekly ‘meat’ raffle that consists of an assortment of – you guessed it, fake meats.

The menu

All of the food on the menu is 100% vegan, but the ‘Green Mack Burger’ is a standout. Made from a plant-based meat substitute, it offers a vegan twist on the classic beef burger, complete with pickles and special mack sauce.
The pub also features consciously vegan breweries and wineries that don’t use eggshells or fish as a fining agent. The menu also features ‘accidentally’ vegan drinks, which means the beer you already love will most likely still be on the menu. Cheers to that!

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