These are the 10 Best Workouts in Australia, According to ClassPass Users

Best Workouts In Australia On Classpass
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If you’re ever in need of a sweat session shake-up, speak to a ClassPass user. With access to all the hottest studios, they can tell you where to workout and when. They know the best teachers, the most insta-worthy spaces and the toughest classes — trust us, they’re the savviest of fitness fanatics.
ClassPass users have trialled almost every workout in Australia, but it’s the ones they keep coming back to that we want to know about. So, we reached out to the multi-membership booking platform to find out which classes have a cult following. From Reformer Pilates in Perth to spin in Sydney, scroll down to find out Australia’s most frequented classes of 2017.
Feel free to take this as your definitive guide to exercising down under.
Hail from L.A? These are the 10 best classes in your hood. 

Core Focus Pilates Subiaco: Pilates Reformer

Taking out number one is Perth institution, Core Focus Pilates. Their most popular class, Pilates Align is a high-intensity full-body toning workout that focuses on re-aligning the body and building core strength. Side note: they also have a studio in Nedlands.

CREW Boutique Rowing Studio: CREW 101

CREW is a boutique rowing studio in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Offering six incredible classes, their CREW101 takes the cake for the most visited. A mixture of strength and cardio, it’s a heart-pumping workout that doesn’t neglect form, teaching attendees proper rowing techniques to maximise efficiency. New to CREW? It’s the best one to get started.

Symetrie: HIIT Circuit

We all know how addictive a good HIIT session can be so it’s no surprise that this has taken out number three. Hailing from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Symetrie is a functional training studio in Clovelly. A 45-minute sweat session that involves core, cardio and strength, “Circuit” has garnered a cult following.

BodyMindLife: Yoga Open 30

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With over 300 classes each week across four studios in Sydney, it’s unsurprising that BodyMindLife comes in at number four. Offering yoga, Pilates and meditation, their most visited class is Yoga Open 30, which takes place in a room heated to 30°C. It’s an energetic flow with strong poses and creative sequencing, designed to challenge and inspire both physically and mentally. Open to all experience levels, students are encouraged to push themselves within their boundaries.

AGOGA: AGOGA Signature

Founded by celebrity trainer, Libby Babet, AGOGA is a Bondi institution that draws the true fitness fanatics. Focusing on functional training, the studio offers ten gruelling group classes that are guaranteed to show results. Their most popular class, Agoga Signature, works through all of your energy systems — creatine phosphate, anaerobic and aerobic — to build strength, ensure maximum fat burn and improve your athletic performance. It’s not for the fainthearted.

Be One Yoga: Hot Flow

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Previously Hom Yoga, Be One Yoga in Darlinghurst, Sydney is another fan favourite. Offering a range of different practices in both heated and non-heated rooms, Hot Flow is the most visited. Taking place in a 37-40 degrees Celsius space, it’s a dynamic class designed to mobilise and detoxify the body.

W1LL Studio: Base

Coming in at number seven is Surry Hills studio, W1LL. Offering yoga and meditation in an immersive experience, W1LL uses design, sound and a multisensory approach to take you away from your busy mind. Their most frequented class, Base, will activate the body, the mind and the senses to strengthen and tone to the rhythm of a curated, upbeat playlist.

United Ride: UNITED RIDE

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Previously KXCycle, United Ride is the SoulCycle of Australia, and it’s growing a similar cult following. Their classes are fun and fast, combining elements of traditional cycle classes with upper body and core training for a fat-blasting, strengthening workout.

ScenicCycle: Scenic Ride

Another sweatlicious spin studio, Sydney’s ScenicCycle has garnered a similar following. With one location in the CBD and another in Manly, ScenicCycle classes take you on a journey through some of the most iconic routes in the world from the untouched and untamed lands along the fierce West Coast of Tasmania, to the snow-lined hill climbs through the French Alps and back to the beautiful sunset in the famous streets of San Francisco. It’s truly an experience.

Humming Puppy: Mellow Hum

Iconic mindfulness institution, Humming Puppy takes out number 10 with ‘Mellow Hum’. It’s a “super-chilled” restorative class that combines yin-style postures with a gentle flow to relax and reset. Designed to allow space to reflect and cultivate awareness, it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular class in Australia’s busiest cities: Sydney and Melbourne.

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