What you need to know about Sydney's new boutique rowing studio

Develop strength, stability, flexibility, all from the comfort of your (rowing) seat.

Sydneysiders, we’ve got the secret for a lean and toned physique right here. CREW is the newest boutique fitness studio to open up in the heart of the CBD, and the new workout is making waves, so to speak, on the fitness scene.
The routine is a 45 min powerhouse of high intensity rowing combined with body weight exercises, dumbbells and resistance bands to seamlessly blend toning, flexibility, stability and strength movements. The result?  A dynamic and fun sweat session to get all your muscles burning during lunch break.

CREW: not your average rowing workout

With a slew of cult followers State Side, rowing is well underway to being the new it workout, rivalling the cycle houses with devoted followings. As a low impact (read: easy on the joints) routine, it’s great for any fitness level and age, in addition to being a really fun and functional way to workout. The instructors lead you through a vast array of exercises, meaning you’re never bored and you’re body is always guessing what’s next (a crucial factor to any sustainable workout regimen).
CREW, rowing studio, Sydney
Whether you’re a seasoned rower or total newbie, CREW caters to all fitness levels. The qualified instructors will walk you through the correct rowing technique, be it the beginner class “Crew101” class or the more advanced,  sweat inducing “Regatta”. The state of the art equipment was specifically designed in collaboration with WaterRower, meaning the beautifully crafted machinery includes a unique water flywheel that simulates the feel and sound of being on the water. No more embarrassing machine sounds from that old back-of-the-gym rowing machine, this piece of equipment is the real deal.
With it’s luxury boutique fitness feel and an array of classes available morning, lunch, and post-work, we’ve found a good reason for all Sydney professionals to get away from the desk and start rowing. We for one, will be envious of those toned arms.

Crew Row

Address: Suite 1, Ground Floor, 15-17 Young Street, Sydney 2000

Website: www.crewrow.com.au

Instagram: @crewstudio

Facebook: www.facebook.com/crewrowstudio


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