Elise Cook's Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Items On My Xmas Wish List

“I’m Elise. I’m a full-time wanderer with my husband, Domenic, in our van, Scout. We do work while we’re wandering, but we live in a wonderful time in this wonderful world where you can own and run a business from anywhere.
We purchased our van a few years ago and at the time, it was a compromise between my dreams of travelling and his dreams of starting a winery. It meant that we could take quick trips on the weekends while still getting a bit of travel and ‘unplug’ time in what was a very busy time in our lives.

That van changed our lives. It taught us to slow down, and while we built our business up over a few years, I was able to write and take photos on the weekends while exploring my home state, which kept me happy. I was amazed at what we had on our own doorstep and my dreams to backpack overseas soon became dreams to explore Australia.

After a couple of longer trips, during which we realised we could keep running things and sell the wine on the road while gaining an incredible sense of freedom and slower approach to life at the same time, Dom turned to me and said, “Let’s do it. Let’s live in the van full-time, see if we can make it work, you get to travel, write, and take photos, and I can keep running the business. Let’s see if we can work out what living a good life really means to us.”

So now that’s what we’re doing. Living in the slow lane, and loving every minute of it. ”
With a life like that, how can anyone wish for more? We asked Elise Cook to dig deep and come up with 10 things on her Christmas wish list. From a bohemian brass picnic platter to a case of biodynamic wines, scroll down for an inspiring collection of gift ideas from this travelling nomad.

Elise’s 1st Pick: St Agni Sandals

Adalene Ankle Strap Sandal

Shop the Adalene Ankle Strap Sandal.

Elise’s 2nd Pick: Heida Dress

Yoli & Otis Heida Dress
Yoli & Otis Heida Dress

Anything Yoli & Otis!
Shop the Yoli & Otis Heida Dress. 

Elise’s 3rd Pick:

Well Hung Hammock

Nothing I love more than hammock time, and I love these Australian made hammocks.
Shop The Hippie Hammock.

Elise’s 4th Pick: Tan Kombi seat covers

Just Kampers Kombi Seat Covers

Shop the Kombi Seat Covers. 

Elise’s 5th Pick: Weekender Beach Chairs

Byron Bay Weekender Chairs

Shop the Byron Bay Weekender Chairs.

Elise’s 6th Pick: Elle Gown

Spell & The Gypsy Collective Elle Gown
Spell & The Gypsy Collective Elle Gown

Spell Dresses always win my heart.
Shop the Spell & The Gypsy Collective Elle Gown.

Elise’s 7th Pick: Bamboo shelves for our Kombi

The Bus Stop Bamboo Shelves
The Bus Stop Bamboo Shelves

Shop The Bus Stop Bamboo Shelves. 

Elise’s 8th Pick: Alo Yoga Lush Bra

Alo Yoga Lush Bra
Alo Yoga Lush Bra

New yoga gear, please.
Shop the Alo Yoga Lush Bra.

Elise’s 9th Pick: Beautiful picnic platter


Bisque Interiors Brass Platter
Bisque Interiors Brass Platter

Shop the Brass Platter.

Elise’s 10th Pick:

down the rabbit hole wines gift box
Down the Rabbit Hole Wines

And of course, wine! What’s a Christmas without good wine? 🙂 Down The Rabbit Hole’s vineyard is bio-dynamic and organic.
Shop the gift box.

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