5 Of The Best New Boutique Studio Openings In Sydney

As much as we love being loyal to our local fitness studio, there’s no denying the fact that trying out a new class—or space—can kickstart our workout motivation. Whether it’s an Insta-worthy location or a fun and energising sweat sesh, we all need to shake up our workout routine every once in a while. But unless you’ve got a Classpass membership, playing the field with your fitness studios can get expensive.
Enter, boutique studio openings with free trials.
New and improved fitness studios are popping up all the time. Whether it’s a cool hip hop yoga haven, a workout-cum-co-work-space or the world’s first biophilic gym, they’re innovative, full of state-of-the-art equipment and brand spanking new—and we think, that’s the best time to give them a go.
Five amazing Sydney studios have popped up this year that are well worth a trial. From a “wellness concierge” in Bondi to a mind-body immersive experience in Surry Hills, the spaces alone are reason enough to visit. Who knows, you might even find one worth making the switch for.

The Loft

The Loft, Bondi

Situated atop Nimbus and Co in Bondi, Sydney, The Loft is an extension of the infrared sauna offering downstairs. A space dedicated to the healing and restoration of mind and body, it’s made up of two practitioner rooms (serviced by the in-house acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist) and an intimate yoga studio devoted to a yin-based practice and guided meditation. Morning classes follow a sun/moon approach to awaken the body’s natural energy and bring vitality and a clear mind to begin the day while evening classes are slower-paced, guiding your body through a practice that restores and renews, quietens the mind and washes away daily stress. Light, airy and totally tranquil, The Loft is true to its name; a haven of calm above the chaos.

The Well

The Well, Bondi
The Well, Bondi

To call this a studio is to downplay The Well’s offering. Described as a new multidisciplinary wellness centre and café, The Well is a “wellness concierge”, connecting members with trainers and practitioners at a one-stop shop for all their individual wellness needs. Encompassing seven pillars of health: therapy, recovery, strength, flexibility, aerobic, sleep and nutrition, the philosophy at The Well is a holistic one. They believe that a healthy mind is the key to a healthy body and they’ll work with the individual to achieve both. Offering mindfulness and fitness classes as well as consultations with practitioners specializing in everything from nutrition to kinesiology and therapists for psychological attention, The Well has the tools to create a tailored plan for you and will ensure no information or advice is conflicting.

Lean Bean Fitness

Lean Bean Fitness

If you’ve ever been to a class at Lean Bean Fitness in Bondi, chances are, you’re a regular. Once you’ve experienced their fun, energising style, you’re bound to go back.  With a growing clientele, that includes the likes of Sylvia Jeffreys and VS Angel, Victoria Lee, it’s no surprise the brand is expanding, opening its second studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney last week.
Built on the philosophy of “work hard, play harder”, the Lean Bean cohort is a community of fierce, fun and fabulous females who lift each other up and motivate one another to push themselves. Much like its Bondi big sister, the Darlinghurst location will offer the same sweat-inducing classes—boxing, barre, dancing, and a HIIT session with ankle weights and resistance bands—in a chic, warehouse-style setting. If you’re after a workout that’ll leave you feeling empowered, visit Lean Bean Fitness. Chances are, you’ll make a couple of friends and leave with more than you came for.

Vive Active

Vive Active in Warringah Mall, Sydney Pilates Studio
Vive Active, Warringah Mall

Founded by the man once dubbed as ‘Australia’s Fittest Athlete’, World Champion Ironman, Guy Leech along with his business partners, nutritionist and chef, Louise Keats and entrepreneur, John Keats, Vive Active is a reformer Pilates studio unlike any other. Using lights, sound and design to create a sensory experience, Vive Active fuses the form and precision of Pilates with the heart-pumping, uplifting ambience of group workouts.
“I attended literally hundreds of [Pilates] classes, but many of the studios I attended felt cold and clinical, and the music was often uninspiring or all-together non-existent. I wanted to find a way to make this time-honoured exercise tradition exciting and fun for the customer,” said Leech. “So I approached the best architects, lighting and sound designers and asked them to build me, quite simply, the best Pilates studio in the world.”
Offering a range of different classes including cardio, stretch and essentials, Vive Active is not only highly effective but fun, too. Located at Westfield Warringah Mall on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, you can pop in or book online to try it out for yourself. With no lock-in contracts, prices start from $17.95 per class.

W1LL Studio

W1LL Studio in Surry Hills Sydney, Meditation Studio Sydney, Yoga Studio Sydney
W1LL Studio, Surry Hills

Taking over from Urban Yoga in Sydney’s Surry Hills, W1LL describes its offering as “modern mindfulness”. Using lights, sound and visuals to create a truly immersive experience, it provides a modern take on the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. The uniquely curated, easy-to-follow yoga classes are designed for you to build strength and flexibility through movement while the audio-guided mediations will help you to escape distractions and take you away from your busy mind. As Australia’s first drop-in meditation studio, it’s well worth the visit but if you can’t make it to Surry Hills, they’ve launched an online platform to make it accessible to everyone.

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