These 5 Natural Skincare Ingredients Are Going To Be HUGE In 2018

One of the greatest things about natural beauty is that there’s no shortage of amazing resources from the planet that formulators can draw upon. This year, some of the natural skincare ingredients that would have previously made us say WTF — like bee venom and charcoal — turned out to be some of the great innovations.
In 2018, a new crop of antioxidant-packed skin superfoods is set to make waves in the skincare world.
Here are the ones you should look out for:

Kakadu Plum

Sourced from Northern Queensland in Australia, the Kakadu Plum is an absolute skincare powerhouse. It has the highest vitamin C content on the planet, which makes it fantastic for brightening the skin, stimulating collagen production and fighting free radical damage. Australian natural skincare company Biologi have created a Rejuvenation Eye Serum in which Kakadu plum is the sole ingredient — and it’s packed with 75% more vitamin C than an orange!


By now, we’ve established that the Japanese are leading the fray when it comes to skincare. So, it comes as no surprise that the Japanese powdered green tea, matcha, is going to be the next big thing in skincare next year. We’ve already seen it dominate the health world but soon we’ll be seeing it pop up in face masks, cleansers, face creams and even hair products! Thanks to its high antioxidant content (especially catechin polyphenols), it’s said to be great for brightening dark spots, evening out your skin tone, and warding off harmful UV rays.
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Camel milk

Not only is camel milk becoming an increasingly popular alternative to cow’s milk, it’s also making its mark on the skincare world. Skincare brands like CameLife are harnessing the healing properties, bio-availability (its ability to penetrate the top layer of the skin so your products can get deeper into the surface) and easily absorbed nature of camel milk to make it the next big skin superfood.

Pink clay
Clay had a bit of a moment this year, thanks to its ability to draw out impurities from the skin’s surface. However, we have a feeling it’s the millennial pink variety that’s going to dominate in 2018. Not only does it look pretty, but pink clay is sky high in silica — making it great for improving skin elasticity and cell renewal. It’s also incredibly gentle and soothing and helps to reduce irritation and inflammation. Our pick is Sand & Sky’s Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask — it contains Kakadu plum, too!

Ask anyone in LA and they’ll tell you — crystals for spirituality went seriously mainstream this year. But in 2018, you’ll be just as likely to find crystals in your beauty cabinet as your bedside table or handbag. Crystal-infused skincare products are going to be massive and don’t worry, they do serve a purpose other than making you feel ‘balanced.’ Rare jewels and minerals have been scientifically proven to act as electro-stimulants for your skin, which helps to stimulate blood circulation for plump, radiant skin.
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