best sex position for your zodiac sign
Image: Elizabeth Tsung via Unsplash

The One Sex Position to Drive Your Partner Wild, Based on Their Star Sign

What do you think your best move is?

If you’re looking to dive into scrumptious, amazing sex life, look no further than the stars for guidance. Why not incorporate your star signs into your sex life? Whenever we read our horoscope, it’s usually fairly accurate, so see how you go with these sex moves that will drive your partner crazy. We spoke to sex and relationship expert Dr. Lurve about what moves we can make in the bedroom to keep things spicy and interesting. Keep reading more about what one sex move will drive your partner wild based on their sign!

Dr. Lurve is a leading love and relationship expert. Dr. Lurve specializes in helping people navigate the science and metaphysics of relationships. A modern-day cupid for individuals discovering self-love, singles ready to find love, and couples ready to make love last forever, she is an authority to make relationships long-lasting. Follow her on Instagram @dr.lurve.

best sex position for your zodiac sign
Image: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

The One-Sex Position to Drive Your Partner Wild, Based on Their Star Sign


Reverse Cowgirl. Take control with your ever-controlling partner; they might like to take a break from the power play.


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Taurus, for you, it’s Spooning. It’s sensual and comfortable, just like them.


Standing Up is all for you, Gemini! You love to play and are curious, so why not try something new?


The Lotus. A bit of face-to-face action goes a long way for the Cancer of the zodiac. 


Doggy style. Leos love to feel primal and have their needs met. This sex position is perfect for you. 


Missionary for you, Virgo. It never fails, and a Virgo is always wanting perfect scores. 10 out of 10! 


69. They love to share and want you to have a great time. There’s nothing this star sign won’t do for a good time! 


Folded Deck Chair. It’s intimate and vulnerable but still saucy as hell.


Standing Doggy. You love adventure but also the familiar; give them both.


Sitting Cowgirl. Wild as they come but traditional, they’ll love this on a chair.


Standing Wheelbarrow. Their open-mindedness and unconventional side make this perfect for them.


Anything in the shower. They’re water babies and will be right at home.

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