The Not-So Secret to Happiness Lies in 4 G's: Gathering, Giving, Gratitude & Growth

Here's how to incorporate more into your life!

Ah, happiness. A whole branch of psychology, experiments and countless books have been dedicated to studying it! More than simply a positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life – that is, one with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction.
Founder of the popular Happsters happiness movement, Kelli Pease has grown her passion for spreading happiness from sharing daily inspiration on the ‘gram to her newest mission, creating opportunities for connection and empowerment IRL through Happsters Squads nationwide.
While everyone seems to have their own take on what leads to lasting happiness, Kelli’s is simple – focus on gratitude, growth, giving and gathering. Below, we’re sharing our favorite simple, yet meaningful ways to cultivate each in your daily life for a happier state of mind!


Gratitude is the attitude – research shows that it can make you a healthier, happier and more productive human. Expressing gratitude can help relieve stress and create a more optimistic outlook on life. Sounds like that’s one practice worth making part of your daily routine! We love to:  

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal to record things big and small.
  • Try the Three Good Things text challenge with friends and family.
  • Say “thank you, and mean it! Taking an extra few seconds to give a sincere thanks to the barista who hands you your matcha or the stranger who holds the door for you goes a long way.
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When we develop different aspects of ourselves, we get closer to achieving our fullest potential. Continual learning leads to boosted confidence and feeling more passionate about life, thereby increasing our happiness. Easy ways to grow every day include:

  • Pick up a new skill or hobby – musical instrument, anyone?
  • Find an online course in just about any topic you can think of. Who knows, your passion might just become your new career!
  • Play podcasts through your daily commute, chores and cooking! Covering everything from career and personal finance to health and fitness, our favorite podcasts are guaranteed to give you an instant motivation boost.
  • Try a new sport or fitness studio.


Giving back globally and to your local community builds a kinder world, and makes you feel more engaged and positive in the process. Some of our favorite ways to focus on giving include:

  • Support conscious capitalism through brands that use business as a force for good.
  • Pay it forward. We love this list of Random Acts of Kindness ideas!
  • Even the smallest of gestures or lifestyle changes make a difference. Donate clothes, foster pets, host a beach clean-up, volunteer with kids, plant a tree. The options are endless!
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There is strength – and happiness – to be found in community. Whether it’s a deep belly laugh with an old pal or a supportive text from a budding friend, the power of connection is real. A few of our favorite ways to connect with others include: 

  • Schedule in regular dinner parties – they don’t all have to be Pinterest-worthy. Just gather your group and have fun experimenting with new recipes!
  • Living somewhere totally new? Find your tribe of like-minded women and meet up for good vibes and deep connections.
  • Sign up for a fitness class with your girls (and it just might be easier to get your butt in the door!).
  • Make it a habit to reach out to someone new each week to invite on a coffee date, walk or casual meet-up. Whether it’s more career-focused with someone in your industry or just an “Instagram friend” you have a lot in common with, build your community, and have fun doing it.  

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