Anti-Ageing Crystals & 4 Other Ways To Help Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

Tired, puffy eyes? Come right this way.

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There are a few different factors that contribute to the appearance of bags under your eyes. For some, it’s just obvious signs of a bad night’s sleep or a result of dehydration. Others can go ahead and blame it on their genetics or simply thank the natural ageing process. Whatever the root cause, I think we’d all agree that bags have no business being on your face. The good news, however, is that there are a few things you can do to help minimise their appearance…

Peptides, peptides, peptides

Oh, and did we mention peptides? It’s one of those things you constantly hear about in the health and beauty world, but what exactly are they? Put simply, peptides are short chain amino acids that our bodies naturally produce to create protein. Proteins are found in every cell of our structural tissue including our skin, hair and nails. Overall benefits include increased collagen production to assist with maintaining skin elasticity and cellular repair.
VANI-T’s innovative powder-to-cream formula works to instantly (and we mean instantly) visibly tighten the skin. The multi-peptide concentrate in the Peptide Lift Anti-Ageing Crystals (we’re talking over 100 potent peptides) assists to plump and reduce the appearance of dark circles, under-eye bags and also fine lines and wrinkles (ie. all the things women hate!) thanks to a magic little ingredient called Dipeptide-2.

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Dipeptide-2 in particular needs a little extra airtime as it works to improve lymphatic circulation (which keeps everything moving along nicely and not accumulate under your eyes) and the ability to increase the skin’s protein synthesis and amino acid uptake; which means firmer, tighter skin.
Tap a little of the crystalised powder onto the back of your hand and dab gently under the eyes (and on other problem areas as needed) until absorbed before you apply your makeup of a morning and as part of your night-time routine. It’s also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so that’s an added bonus!
Watch how they work below:

Drink more water

We know that you know. And we’re also aware that you’re SO sick of hearing this one, but it really does keep coming up for a reason. When your body is dehydrated it shows—in more ways than one. Water makes up about 70% of your total body weight, so when it doesn’t get what it wants, it’s sure as hell going to remind you (in the form of under-eye bags, for example).
Experts recommend drinking around 2L of water per day for general health and wellbeing, but we are the first to admit that this isn’t always easy, especially in winter. So if you too find yourself struggling to meet your daily quota, try opting for more herbal teas (nettle in particular helps with fluid retention, as does anything with fennel). Otherwise, flavour your h20 with fruit like strawberries, oranges or lemon and add mint or cucumber. Foods high in water content include celery, watermelon and grapefruit—so you can also enjoy these throughout the day or turn them into a fresh juice.

Limit your salt intake

Hands up if you’ve ever woken up after eating takeout the night before only to notice that your face looks all swollen puffy? (Pad See Ew, we’re looking at you). Foods high in sodium can contribute to unwanted bags under your eyes. Again, upping your water intake can counteract this (sorry, but water really is a miracle worker).
The World Health Organisation recommends eating less than 5 grams of salt per day—and you might want to stick to this rule to reap all the beauty benefits as well. Don’t get us wrong, our bodies NEED salt and we simply can’t function without it (it’s required to transmit nerve impulses, contract and relax muscle fibres (including those in the heart and blood vessels) and maintain optimum fluid balance, after all). We just need to be mindful of how much we’re consuming—and your face will love you for it.

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Sleep with an extra pillow

Because us humans sleep laying down (and if you don’t, well then you’re just a weirdo), fluid builds up and accumulates in undesirable areas which is why you sometimes wake up with puffy eyes. By sleeping with an extra pillow under your head, you’re enabling the fluid to drain freely and disperse to other places of your body. It’s also recommended that you sleep on your back rather than your front to help this process along if you’re prone to the occasional puff.


If there’s one thing you need to really cover up those bad boys if they’re still hanging around, it’s makeup that works—and this mineral liquid foundation by VANI-T is a foundation and concealer in one.

vani-t foundation
Image: VANI-T

Although super smooth and lightweight, it packs a serious punch when it comes to natural, buildable coverage. Its water based formula leaves the skin feeling and looking hydrated and luminous whilst adjust any undertones at the same time. So, what was that you were saying about bags?
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