This 'Music Gym' Makes Learning A Musical Instrument As An Adult Easy

Give your inner rockstar a workout.

learn a musical instrument

From the piano at age 5, to the guitar at 15 and the bass at 25, I’ve taken up (and let’s be honest, dropped) more musical instruments over my lifetime than I care to admit. Every time I see a badass girl group perform live, I think “I want to be her!” about the bassist/lead singer/drummer/all of the above. But instruments and private lessons are expensive and to get any good, you really have to practice consistently—which is not always easy when you’re an adult.
That said, learning a musical instrument as an adult is definitely worth the time. Not only is it an amazing creative outlet, it’s great for your confidence and physical coordination. Research also shows that taking up an instrument as an adult makes you smarter, more productive and less stressed. And plus, it makes you feel like a total badass when you can *actually* hold a tune when singing along to Beyonce, or rip out a killer guitar solo at a party.
This is exactly what makes The Music Gym, a music hub in Melbourne’s CBD, so genius. These are grown-ups only group classes with state-of-the-art instruments provided, at a convenient location where you can fit in a class during a lunch break or before or after work. Not only does the format make it super easy to fit a lesson into your day, but it’s an awesome way to meet other like-minded people.

Image: Nicole Cleary

“I am so happy we have been able to realise this concept. There are so many people who will directly benefit from the ability to learn and practice music, whether it’s their dream to perform for a special occasion or just for general enjoyment and mental health. Our space is like an urban oasis, an escape from the office grind for the busy CBD worker who may not enjoy the gym or any other traditional stress relievers.” says Catherine Prifti, founder and director of The Music Gym.
The Music Gym works much like a regular gym, in that it offers voice, piano and guitar lessons in casual session, 10-pack, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscription rates. Located in Galleria Shopping Plaza, the studio itself is an uber cool, monochromatic space—a far cry from that dusty old rec room at your high school.
Image: Nicole Cleary

The studio officially launched today, (June 21st), to celebrate  World Music Day—a worldwide event celebrated by  millions of people in 800 cities across 120 countries, bringing together people of all styles, ages and skill levels to make and enjoy music. 2018 marks the first year Australia will be participating, with The Music Gym offering open mic sessions on guitar, keyboard and voice, starting at 10.30am at The Music Gym. Following the sessions, a live performance will be held in the food court at Galleria Shopping Plaza for all to enjoy.
You can learn more about The Music Gym here.

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