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How Connected Fitness Is Changing the Way We Workout

Say hello to virtual training and working out — the future of how we exercise.

Once upon a time, home workouts were restricted to working out with Jane Fonda or lycra-clad Richard Simmons on V-HS and making use of expensive and bulky home gym set-ups. Fast-forward to 2022 and gone are the days when home workouts involved using cans of spaghetti as dumbbells or people couldn’t lift as heavy as they would have liked to because they didn’t have a spotter. Connected fitness is changing the way we workout at home, thanks to AI and adaptive weight trainers like Vitruvian. Keep reading to learn more!

How Connected Fitness Is Changing the Way We Workout

What is Vitruvian?

Capable of delivering up to 200kg of digital weight and providing you with the ability to incrementally increase weights for results without injury, Vitruvian is the smartest connected fitness product on the market. The slimline platform design manufactured from carbon fibre doesn’t take up a lot of room like the old-style home gyms. It can easily slide under a couch or a bed when not in use.

How Vitruvian is changing the way we workout

Founder of the Aussie start-up, Jon Gregory, explained how the smart platform works. “It uses adaptive digital weight for resistance training. Traditionally, you need to stop and add weight in the predetermined increments of weight plates. That might be too little, or too much for someone and potentially lead to injury. With adaptive weight, the weight adjusts rapidly (up to 1000 times per second) in the moment, simultaneously pushing and supporting the user in every rep.”

Suitable for the whole family

Vitruvian is a great home workout option for the whole family. It can be used for a variety of exercises, including heavy and light lifting, strength training, stretching, and pilates-style workouts. Because it is intelligent technology, the machine works in conjunction with an app that measures your rep range and previous lifting weight. And if it detects that you are struggling with your rep, it will make incremental adjustments so that you can continue your workout without risking injury. It must be noted, however, that you would not allow your children to lift weights until they are of the appropriate age.

Safer workouts

If you’ve ever torn a muscle from lifting a little too heavy because you’ve risked doing barbell squats without a spotter, had poor form when lifting or even dropped a weight on your foot when adding on plates to a barbell, you’ll appreciate that Vitruvian uses two very small, very powerful motors that deliver weight via adaptive algorithmic technology and two retractable cables. No more free weights to drop or trip over.

Connectivity with users around the world

For those who like the competitiveness of the gym and interacting with other members, Vitruvian also gives you the ability to connect with other users around the world. You can challenge one another and share workouts through the customised app while still getting the human connection you crave.

Replaces the need for a gym membership and a personal trainer

Gym memberships can be expensive, depending on where you live and the gym you choose to workout at. Add your gym membership with the average cost of a personal trainer (between $50-$100 for a private training session) and the gas spent getting to the gym, the price starts getting up there. Particularly if both you and your partner are attending the gym together. After the one-off purchase fee of the Vitruvian, you will get a 12-month All-access membership which will roll into a monthly subscription after that, but you soon see it’s worth it to get access to exercises to keep you challenged and not be tripping over bulky cardio and weight machines at home.

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