Create Your Own Mini At-Home Gym With These 9 Essentials

No space? No worries!

There are so many fantastic online training programs these days, you no longer need an IRL personal trainer to get amazing results. But while there are some great body-weight workout programs out there, most call for the use of equipment. That’s all well and good if you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment block with a gym — but if not, you end up having to pay for a gym membership on top of your workout program.
“Man, I’d love to have my own home gym,” you may think. “But I just don’t have the space!” The good news is, you don’t actually have to be a celeb living in a mansion to have an at-home gym. Even if you live in a tiny apartment, you can set up your very own mini workout hub. A place that you can work out in your PJs, blast Beyonce on full volume and make as many ‘ugly’ squat faces as you like! All you need is a corner and some handy, space-efficient workout equipment.
Scroll through the gallery for our 9 essentials for your mini home gym.


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Not only is the TRX one the most versatile pieces of workout equipment out there, it’s also incredibly space-efficient. You simply anchor it to any doorway while you’re using it and fold it away when you’re not. Not sure what to do with it? You can find an endless selection of TRX workouts here.
Shop the TRX.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are an essential in any home gym, especially if you’re into strength training. But when you’ve only got one set, it doesn’t give you much variety in terms of weights. At the same time, buying multiple sets in different weights can be expensive and take up too much space. The solution? An adjustable pair! They’ll allow you to use different weights for different exercises or increase your weights as you get stronger.
Shop The Gym Direct adjustable dumbbells.

Skipping rope

So, you want to do cardio in your home gym but don’t have the room (or cash) for a treadmill? Not only is the humble skipping rope a far cheaper and more convenient option, it’s also more effective for torching kilojoules! Research shows that 10 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging (not to mention, an awesome whole body workout.)
Shop the Nike Intensity Speed Skipping Rope.

Mountable pull-up bar

If super toned arms are on the top of your wish list, get yourself a pull-up bar. The movement blitzes pretty much every part of your upper body! The best part is, you can attach the bar to your door-frame — so it won’t take up any room in your home gym at all!
Shop the PTP Pull-up Bar.

Resistance bands

Haven’t mastered body-weight pull-ups yet? No worries — just add a resistance band to your inventory. You can simply attach the band to your bar and put your knees or feet in for extra assistance. You can also use your band for stretching and mobility or for a barre-inspired workout, like this one.
Shop the Furinno Resistance Bands set.


If we had to pick just one piece of equipment for a full-body workout, it would definitely be the kettlebell. Keeping this bad boy in your home gym will allow you to work your legs, booty, arms and core with no other equipment. And as anyone who’s ever done kettlebell swings before can tell you, it’s also ace for getting your heart-rate up!
Shop the Torros Pro-Grade Kettlebell.

Yoga mat

Even if you’re not into yoga, you’re going to need a mat for any floor exercises. Not only is it more hygienic than lying on the floor, it’s also way more comfortable. Why not use it as an opportunity to add a splash of colour to your home gym, with a bright patterned yoga mat like this one from La Vie Boheme Yoga?

Medicine ball

No home gym would be complete without a medicine ball. You can use it to add some extra weight to your core and lower body exercises or slam in against the floor or wall for a killer upper body workout. Just make sure you’re using a sturdy wall (or one that doesn’t face into your neighbour’s house!)
Shop the Celsius medicine ball.

Motivational quote

The best part about a home gym is that it’s all yours, so you’re free to decorate it however you like! Wall prints like this one are a great way to personalise your space and give you an extra kick of motivation!

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