Meet BOSUBODY — The Aussie Fitness Startup Taking Your At-Home Workouts To The Next Level

Throughout the year, we’ve been featuring inspiring female entrepreneurs who are disrupting their respective industries with game-changing startups. This month, we’re introducing you to Natalie Koval and Merryn Anderson, the founders of BOSUBODY — a brand producing compact balancing pods that allow you to take your at-home workouts to the next level. 
At first glance, it appears that high school friends Merryn, a nurse by trade and Natalie, a photographer, couldn’t have chosen more different career paths. Yet, here they are, co-founders of Sydney startup BOSUBODY. It poses the question: what common ground lead them to start a company together? Well, turns out that beneath the scrubs and camera gear, they were both massive fitness buffs.
“We’ve tried everything together — gym workouts, fitness classes, bush walks and everything in-between,” Natalie says. “We both believe that living a balanced lifestyle with exercise was the key to a happy life.”
However, both working jobs with extremely unpredictable schedules, they struggled to find the time to fit in their workouts. It was this shared realisation at a fitness event early this year that lead them to co-create BOSUBODY.
“We agreed that the fitness market, while seeing a massive boom of late, can leave you overwhelmed at times,” Natalie says. “We thought, if we can’t find something that allows us to workout on our own terms and maintain our busy schedules, why not create it?”
So, they did! Together, they dreamed up the BOSUBODY Balance Pods — mini, inflatable Bosu balls that allow you to make your at-home workouts more challenging.


“Our products are just like the Bosu balls you find at the gym, but are small enough to fit in your hands, under your feet or anywhere really,” Natalie explains. “So, when you squat, push up, lunge, plank or downward dog with the Balance Pods, it gives you a point of focus, and your workout becomes a balancing game.”

Natalie points out that most movement starts at the centre and moves outwards, so developing a rock solid core helps keep your movements strong and pain-free. Not only that, but they help improve your posture and take the stress off of your lower back in certain exercises. They can be used as a massager by rolling back and forth on the pod — much like you’d do with a foam roller.


The beauty of the Balance Pods is how portable they are — they’re the perfect size to chuck in your handbag for a park or beach workout or even in your carry-on luggage to take on holidays. “We were looking for something that we could use to work out with minimal space, while producing maximum result,” Natalie says.
It’s one of those ideas that is SO simple yet so genius, making you wish you’d thought of it first. However, Natalie is quick to point out that getting the product out there has been a steep learning curb. “As a startup, we’re learning SO many things at once. We find ourselves googling absolutely everything before we commence our next steps,” Natalie says. “We are currently learning about the art of influencer marketing and writing blogs to increase awareness and credibility.”

Yep, these talented gals are just getting started! And we have a feeling this is going to be one young startup to keep an eye on in 2018. You can find out more about BOSUBODY here.
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