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While you might not know the name Gray Malin, you’d definitely be familiar with the photographs he’s famous for.

Aerial shots of the world’s most iconic beaches, llamas covered in balloons and skiers dotting snow slopes are just some of his renowned works, and we here at Amodrn have been long-time fans. So much so that our founder, Bianca Cheah has not one but two of his originals (the Grande Saline Beach St. Barth and the Floating Away Capri) hanging in her apartment.

“It’s nice to come home and be reminded of the great times I had on holidays. It always brings a smile to my face, even if I’ve had a rough day,” Bianca told us. ” I’m so grateful that Gray Malin has caught those moments that are so dear to me.”

Gray Malin and Bianca recently met in L.A and struck a deal — Malin could shoot Bianca’s home and she’d get his tips and tricks in return. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Turns out, this was true for Malin.

Scroll down to see Bianca and Simon’s L.A apartment featuring the Grande Saline Beach St. Barth and the Floating Away Capri and to get to know the man behind the lens. From how he got to where he is today to the advice he’d give a novice photographer, meet Gray Malin.

Bianca Cheah in her home featuring the Gray Malin grande saline beach st. barth
Bianca Cheah in her home featuring the Gray Malin Grande Saline Beach St. Barth

Bianca Cheah and her frenchie Sporte with their Gray Malin Floating Away Capri artwork

Bianca Cheah and her frenchie Sporte with their Gray Malin Floating Away Capri artwork
Gray Malin Floating Away Capri artwork

Bianca Cheah's home with Gray Malin featured
Bianca Cheah’s home with Gray Malin featured

Meet Gray Malin…

1. Where are you in the world right now?

At my studio in West Hollywood, CA

2. Where do you live? 

Los Angeles, CA

3. How did you get into photography? What’s your story? 

I started taking pictures when I was a teenager in Dallas. I never really thought of it as a viable career but in college I pursued it as a second major and never gave up on ‘the dream’. After college, I moved to L.A. for an internship in the film industry, but quickly realized I needed to follow my love of photography.

From there, I decided to take out a booth at a Sunday swap-meet in West Hollywood at Melrose and Fairfax. I was primarily selling Black & White landscape photography, as that was my initial focus. The Prada Marfa series first debuted during these days, too. Right away, I was able to see what connected with people and what did not. Though it was a humbling experience, I met so many incredible people in the community and was able to display my work effectively, eventually making a name for myself.

4. You’ve worked with a lot of high calibre brands, how much is passion and how much is work?

In regards to working with other brands, it always starts with a passion for the brand themselves and/or what they do. For example, I grew up wearing Sperry’s and both brands are so closely connected to the ocean, we were a natural fit.

5. What’s your best-selling print?

Excluding sold-out prints like, Llamas Black & White Balloons, Coogee Beach Horizontal and Dawn are pretty neck and neck in the best selling category.

Coogee Beach Horizontal by Gray Malin
Coogee Beach Horizontal by Gray Malin

6. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a photograph?

Too many to admit!

7. What camera do you use?

I have a variety of cameras that I love using, but I primarily shoot on my Canon EOS 5DsR

8. What’s your favourite editing program?

VSCO but I have a whole list.

9. Favorite lens?

I don’t have one, actually.

10. Favorite filter or do you create your own every time?

A6 in VSCO if I had to choose, but you can see a whole post I did on this subject for my lifestyle blog: My 5 Favorite Photo Filters

11. Favorite place to take pictures?

Anywhere near water

12. What tips and tricks for amazing photography would you give a beginner?

Slow down and take your time. I think the key to a good photograph is relishing in the moment and then pulling out your camera.

The man behind the lens…

Wake-up time: 5 AM

Morning ritual: High Intensity Circuit Class, such as Barry’s Bootcamp or Sweat Garage, followed by a shower and healthy bite.

Coffee, juice or smoothie: The BeWell Smoothie

Three things you can’t leave the house without: Other than the obvious house keys, I can’t leave without my phone, walle, and sunglasses…unless of course, it’s night time.

 Sunrise or sunset: Sunset

Insta-stalk: Lots of interior designers and decor accounts

Last thing I do at night: Turn on my sound machine, it helps me sleep.

Fave App: Instagram

Fave Website: I have a print subscription to the New York Times but I don’t always get the time to read it, so I keep current on

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