ADAY’s New Multiplicity Collection Will Make Your Minimalist Fashion Dreams Come True

If you’re looking for a serious wardrobe revamp come the new year, ADAY’s new Multiplicity collection will bring you a brand new ready-to-wear upgrade that’ll delight your versatility and minimalist senses.
Known for their intelligent fabrics (fun fact: all of their products are breathable and sweat-wicking), ADAY has become famous for its technical, seasonless and sustainable pieces, which means you’ll never be dropping them off at the dry cleaners.
“We want to do more, own less and spend time on the things and people that matter to us,” the company says. “We were brought together by this love of simplicity.”

ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

And now, they’ve launched the new Multiplicity collection, which features distinct and innovative pieces that have been specifically designed to be worn in multiple ways.
“From self-hemming pants to a 5-in-1 shirt dress, each piece is designed to simplify your wardrobe,” they add.
ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

“Inspired by women who are pioneering change, growth, and movement, the collection is comprised of five innovative and minimalist staples,” ADAY adds. “Highly technical fabrics also ensures that each piece is wrinkle resistant, UV resistant, and sweat wicking, meaning that it can keep up with the wearer, no matter the season, all day long.”

The collection includes:

The snap it up pants:

ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

Featuring a wide leg silhouette along with an an adjustable snap hem, the silk crepe pants also include a flattering front drape and an elasticated tie waistband to keep it all in place.

The jump in jumpsuit:

ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

The wide-legged silhouette of these boxy, silk crepe pants also includes a hidden adjusable waistband that’ll easily create a cinched waist if you so please.

The back to front shirt dress:

ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

The raved-about 5-in-1 A-line silhouette of this shirt dress is not only reversible, but it can be worn open (as a simple warmer-weather light jacket), or belted as a dress.

The got it covered suit: 

ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

All hail this brand new long-sleeved fitted bodysuit! But it get’s better: it also features sleek bonded seams and a split neckline that is thermal on the outside (hello, winter bodysuit!) and beautifully matte on the outside.

The off duty sweatshirt:

ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

Designed to be worn “after hours,” this cropped sweatshirt features a ” boxy silhouette with laser cut ribbed neckline, split wrist detailing, and ventilated back panel.”

The squared out shirt:

ADAY Multiplicity Collection
Image via ADAY

Mirroring the boxiness of the off duty sweatshirt, the squared out shirt even comes with a hidden side pleat (a nice surprise), cuffed sleeves, and your classic t shirt neckline.
Ready to upgrade? Check out the whole collection and get to shopping, here.

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