The Biggest Wellness Trends You'll See in 2018, According to Pinterest

If you’re ready for New Year, New You, prepare your resolution, because the coming year is going to be the ideal time to upgrade your food, fashion, beauty, travel and wellness, according to Pinterest trends.
The social media powerhouse has just released its “Pinterest 100,” where it forecast the biggest upcoming trends for the year, and the wellness category is everything we’re hoping to see… and more. With over two billion pins that center on wellness, the company proves that its users are looking for all things workouts, meditation, and health. And we couldn’t be more excited.
Here’s what you can expect to see more of in 2018:
1. Gut health: For years, science has proven that your gut is your link to numerous other health issues. From your brain to your mood, your gut controls more than just your digestive system, and it’s time we make it a priority. In 2018, take charge of your gut health, with delicious foods, tea, and kombucha, once and for all.
2. Strength training: Yes, we love our cardio and will fit a yoga class into our workout schedule, but strength training is really where it’s at. According to Pinterest, the term “strength training” was searched 415 percent more this year, and for good reason. It gives you more energy, improves your mood, and can decrease your chances of chronic illness. And you’ll be stronger to boot.

3. Clean air: Wellness goes far beyond what we eat and how we work out. It’s also about everything else we put into our body and that includes the air we breathe. Searches for “air purifier” and “air purifying plants” were up 270 percent on Pinterest, and that will only continue to rise. Create an oxygen oasis with these five indoor plants — they’re almost impossible to kill.
4. Post-workout power: You prep for your workout and then you actually survive it — kudos to you! — but what about that post-workout routine? Have you nailed that down yet? The recovery period after a session is just as important, and “post workout stretches” up 105 percent on Pinterest shows that we’re not the only ones totally fascinated by the necessary cool down.

5. Healthier hair: Co-washing hair became the cool new thing earlier this year, and if you thought it was a passing craze, think again. Searches for “healthy hair tips” are up 219 percent, as we all look for ways to keep our tresses beautiful, manageable, and healthy.
6. Brighter skin: We’ve all been obsessed with finding the best serum to save our skin and with searches for “vitamin C serum” up a whopping 3,379 percent, we’re definitely not alone. Prepare to see more serum research coming very, very soon.
7. Tai chi: Research has shown that tai chi can reduce stress, help you manage pain and depression, and even lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Long story short: it has many, many benefits, and Pinterest users have searched it 189 percent more, so it’s here to stay.
8. Edible essential oils: We’ve used essential oils in baths and to relieve stress and promote sleep, but Pinterest users really want to know: how can we use it in our meals? Searches for “essential oil food recipes” are up 689 percent and we all want to know how we can bring their benefits to enhance our meals.
9. Mental health days: If you’re yet to embrace the idea of a staycation, book one in 2018. “Self care” search terms are up 537 percent and taking care of our mental health — even if it means heading to the nail salon or really taking advantage of your morning tea time — is of utmost importance.
10. Yoga wheels: Earlier this year, we learned an incredible secret: yoga wheels can not only improve your practice, but they can also help relieve your back pain. They’re a must-add to your gear collection, and Pinterest users agree. Searches for the tool are up 72 percent and don’t be surprised if you see them popping up in studios across the country.
Already getting stoked for 2018? Read up on the healthy food trends and upcoming fitness trends you can expect in the year and transform your entire wellness practice. 

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