Holy Guacamole! Sydney's Getting An Avocado Café And It's Hiring A Taste Tester

Australia is home to the big banana and the big pineapple but if there’s one fruit we’re truly obsessed with it’s the avocado. Our love runs so deep, we’ve chosen it over owning a home; we’ve turned it into art; and as of next week, we will have dedicated a whole café to serving its green goodness.
Yep, slicing open next Thursday is Australia’s first ever avocado-themed café and the name is arguably more brilliant than the concept: Good Fat. The café will be open from 2nd November until 30th November in Sydney’s Surry Hills, so technically it’s a pop-up, but if all goes well perhaps we can convince them to stay around and avo good time.
While it’s not coming with a giant avocado on the roof (sorry for the build-up), it will be complete with unlimited puns and a whole menu full of cado creations—all under $20—that apparently make smashed avo look “so 2016.”
So what could be better than smashed AV on toast? (Nothing, but humour us).
Sydney chef, Liam Crawley has created 20 deliciously daring dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner. Among them you’ll be able to try the Avocado Breakfast Skins—an avocado smoothie bowl blended with acai, banana and blueberry, topped with fresh mango, granola and hemp seeds, and served in an avocado skin—as well as the Avocornetto—avocado ice cream, shaved dark chocolate, sweet pumpkin shortbread cream, and praline, drizzled with salted caramel in a waffle cone.

Good Fat Avocado Cafe Sydney
Image: Avocornetto at Good Fat

And while most of us will get to try these by visiting Good Fat, they’re looking to hire one lucky “employee” to taste them for a job. Yep, the café is on the hunt for the ripest fruit ready for the picking who’ll be responsible for taste testing all twenty avocado creations.
The advertisement is currently up on seek and reads:


As Head of Avo Control, you will taste test each of the 20 avocado dishes on the menu before Good Fat opens its doors to the public, guaranteeing an avo-licious experience for every customer.
The Head of Avo Control will also be an avocado ‘avocate’ willing to snap, gram, tweet and FB your avo experience using #OzAvoGoodFat.
The successful candidate will have the following attributes:

  • A minimum two years experience in smashing avocados on toast or similar
  • Proven knowledge of how to check avocado ripeness by gently pressing the sweet spot and a healthy history of successful avocado selection
  • Be available on 31 October – 2 November at Good Fat in Surry Hills

SALARY: The successful candidate will eat for free at Good Fat and get their avo fix for the entire month the pop-up is open.
Do you have an avocan-do attitude and want to avo go? (Do we ever?) Apply now.

Good Fat Avocado Cafe Sydney
Image: Avocado Breakfast Skins at Good Fat

Behind the new launch is none other than the Australian avocado growers themselves, giving the people what they want. So if you’re down for the job and want to spruce up on your avo knowledge, wow Australian Avocados with news of this new low-fat avocado or whip out a party trick, like ripening an avocado almost instantly.
Good Fat opens from 2 November – 30 November at 355 Crown St Surry Hills, Sydney.
7:00am – 9:00pm Monday to Saturday 
8:00am – 5:00pm Sundays.

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