This Genius Gadget Ripens Your Avocado Almost Immediately

It’s not hard to see why avocado has reached cult status. Not only are they delicious and good for you (gotta love those omega-3 fatty acids!) they’re the inspiration for so many Insta-worthy foodie trends, from smashed avo on sourdough to avocado chocolate.
The way we see it, there’s only one downside to our fave fruit — they take so damn long to go ripe! And then once they’re finally ripe, they seem to go off almost immediately. They don’t exactly give us much of a window to eat them.
This meme sums up our feelings perfectly:

It’s a first world problem, but a frustrating one, nonetheless! But thanks to a genius new gadget called The Avocado Sock, it seems our avo prayers have been answered. Okay, so ‘gadget’ might be a teensy bit of a stretch —it’s literally a woolen sock that promises to ripen your avo in 24 hours. Apparently the natural lanolin from the wool ripens it ‘evenly and gently.’
The Avocado Sock is the creation of Diane Sherwood, who owns a catering company in Vancouver, Canada. She found she was constantly placing her avos in woolen ski socks overnight to ripen them quickly. Side note — clearly Canada has well and truly caught up with the avo trend. When I went to school there as a youngster, my mum would pack me avocado sandwiches for lunch and all the Canadian kids would point in horror and ask what the green stuff was!
Anyway, Diane decided to take it one step further and take 100% Canadian made, environmentally-friendly Avocado sock to the masses — “to enable everyone to enjoy a perfectly ripe avocado exactly when they need it.” You can also take them to the supermarket with you and use it to transport your avo without bruising.

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You may be wondering whether a normal wool sock would do the trick and the answer is: yes, probably. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a sock as cute as The Avocado Sock! It truly is the perfect gift for the avo-loving friend who already has everything. The Avocado Sock is available in four different colours for 15 Canadian dollars each. You can check them out here.

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