Move Over Rosé Chocolate, Avocado Chocolate Is Now Officially A Thing

First, there was the world’s first avocado bar in Brooklyn. Then, there were avocado burger buns. Now, the latest instalment in ‘avocado-themed things we didn’t know we needed’ is avocado chocolate!
The avo dessert is the first of its kind in the world, created by none other than trendy LA-based chocolatier Compartes — the masterminds behind Rosé chocolate. Made from California avocados and white chocolate, the bar is a collaboration between Compartes and the California Avocado Commission.The chocolatier has said that all of the fruit it uses in its bars are fresh, organic, sustainable and locally sourced from farmers’ markets. So, not only are their chocolate bars good for your taste buds, they also happen to be great for the environment.

As for whether this avo/white chocolate mashup could be considered a healthy dessert? Well, in terms of being healthy, white chocolate tends to be at the lower end of the spectrum due to the high sugar content. That said, you do need to take into consideration the many health benefits of avocados — better skin and improved brain function just to name a couple! So, until someone creates an avo-coated 99% dark chocolate, it’s safe to say that Compartes latest offering will do just fine as an occasional treat!
The great news is, you don’t even have to fly to LA to get your hands on some avocado chocolate. As of this week, the bars will be sold online via the Compartes website with international shipping. While you’re at it, you may want to check out some of the chocolatier’s other weird and wonderful flavours — think healthy kale dark chocolate, birthday cake, cereal bowl and tequila lime margarita! Our only question is — what on earth will they think of next?

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