This Genius Fitness App Is Like Instagram But For Fitspo — And We're Obsessed


We all have that one person on social media who spams your feed daily with posts about their 5 am runs or sweaty gym mirror selfies. Yes, it’s vaguely irritating — but if new research is anything to go by, they may actually be doing you a favour!
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology analysed the data of more than 1 million runners, using info from their fitness trackers and social media. What they discovered is that exercise is contagious on social media! Their calculations determined that for every km run by a friend, a person is encouraged to run an extra 300m, on average. Plus, for every 10 minutes run by a friend, they run an extra three minutes.
It’s no surprise really, considering that an Instagram pic of a super fit friend is sometimes all that’s needed to get you off the couch and into the gym. It’s for this reason that a genius fitness app called PumpUp is the latest addition to our ‘why didn’t we think of that first?’ list.

Introducing, Pumpup

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PumpUp is what you’d get if you combined Instagram, a fitness tracker and a workout app. Just like on IG, you can search for hashtags, follow people and share your own snaps. So, if CrossFit is your thing, you can search #crossfit and find inspired like-minded peeps to follow and connect with. If you’ve ever felt too shy to post your gym progress selfies or meal prep pics on your personal Instagram, this is definitely the perfect outlet for you. Not only will your PumpUp community not judge you, they’ll actually support you and cheer you on!
Then, there are the workouts. You can choose from thousands of workouts created by other users — or design your own! You simply pop in your fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), what body part you want to work and what equipment you have available. Then, PumpUp works its magic and makes you a custom workout based off what you’ve put in! Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t know how to do a certain move — it’s all demonstrated by pros in easy-to-follow videos.
While the app itself is free, there’s also the option to add on your own virtual fitness coach for $50 per month. Your PumpUp coach designs custom workouts and meal plans for you, checks in with you daily and is available for 1-on-1 messaging anytime. Basically, it’s like having access to your own personal trainer 24/7 — at a way more affordable cost!
Ready to be motivated? Download it here (iPhone) or here (Android)

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