Succulent Cakes Are Trending On Instagram— And They're Almost Too Pretty To Eat

As far as plants go, succulents are pretty cool. They’re versatile enough that you can grow them indoors or outdoors and you don’t need to water them too often. Plus, they’re super pretty—especially when showcased in a terrarium! But we’d be lying if we said we’d ever had a burning desire to bake a cacti-themed cake. However, if a burgeoning new Insta trend is anything to go by, that may be about to change.
Plant-based desserts are all the rage at the moment—but not in the usual, raw vegan kind of way! Enter, the succulent cake, otherwise known as the latest thing we didn’t know we needed in our lives but 100% do. Talented bakers all over the world have been creating dessert masterpieces with intricate succulent and cacti designs. It’s not quite clear where the trend stems from (see what we did there?) but currently, there are over 30,000 photos tagged with #succulentcake on Instagram. Quite frankly, it’s not hard to see why the trend has taken off. The cakes are gorgeous, and a really interesting change from the usual floral icing.
So far, we’ve seen everything from adorable mini cacti cupcakes to grand, succulent-themed wedding cakes! Scroll through the gallery to check out some of our faves.

From @wiltoncakes

From @ivenoven

From @addiespasteleria


From @wiltoncakes

From @ellasucculents


From @bk_floral_delight

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