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Social media influencers have become the dream jobs of the 21st century. All it takes is a flick through your feed as you sit at your desk to wish (or imagine) you were elsewhere. Whether they’re taking you to the other side of the world, conjuring up a banquet for dinner or giving you tips for your weekend outfit, influencers are aspirational men and women of the modern world.
And sure, they may be a serious source of jealousy but for the most part, they’re an endless stream of inspiration, too. They make us want to live every day to the fullest. That’s why we launched the Amodrn Women Of Influence Awards and here, we present you with the nominees. To show your support (and win a HUGE prize) for those social media influencers using their reach for the greater good, all you have to do is vote for them.
By voting for your favourite influencers, you’ll go in the draw to win a prize pack valued at over $5K. Check out some of the hot competition below.*
*Voting for the Amodrn WOI Awards 2017 has now closed.


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Name: Taline Gabriel (@talinegabriel)
Otherwise known as: Hippie Lane
I started my social profile in 2013. I simply wanted to share my food and recipes, find inspiration and connect with others over a shared passion for health. I didn’t have a clear strategy. I just went with the flow and it led me to grow the business, develop my app, Hippie Lane and publish my first cookbook. In addition to working within my business, I collaborate with brands to spread the health and wellness message worldwide.
Fortunately, it has become a hotspot for health inspiration, where I’m so grateful to have the privilege to connect with people from around the world, inspire them to get creative with food and offer a no bs approach to life and wellness. In return, my audience encourages me to keep striving to new heights with my creativity and recipe development and motivate me to live my best life.
From it, I’ve learnt a whole lot about business, myself, people and life. I’ve learnt that staying true to my own unique vision and personal creativity is key in building a respectable brand and loyal following. I have learnt that being the change you want to see in the world by taking charge and leading by example, speaking up on important matters and being authentic and honest is key to building rapport with my audience. I’ve learnt that happiness is about being at one with yourself and that no amount of success or external gratification will bring you what you that deep level of fulfilment. Nurturing and developing real-life connections, finding your sense of purpose and practising self-love is the core of personal happiness — social media popularity and professional success is an added bonus.
I love food because of how it brings people together. There’s nothing that makes me happier than coming together over a feast of nourishing whole foods and sharing all the delicacies with family and friends. A lovingly made wholesome meal connects us and inspires us to live well. It’s where the magic happens. I believe that it’s a true privilege to have access to an abundance of fresh nourishing ingredients, and it’s with this attitude of appreciation that I share my love for healthy food and recipe creation with the world.

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Name: Sneh Roy (@cookrepublic)
I started my social profile in… August 2011 nearly six years ago because Instagram was new and being a very visual person, it seemed like the most fantastic medium to share captured moments of my daily life. My blog Cook Republic started in late 2004 nearly thirteen years ago. I started it to document and share my recipes and food adventures.
But now my account has become…  something that feeds my soul every single day, a constant in my daily life, a visual feast of lovingly shot and carefully curated photos of food and life, a slow unravelling inspiration of the perfect and not so perfect moments that prompt thought and start a dialogue. I strive to be of value every single day and share my experiments in the kitchen and behind the camera through my blog and social media. Whether it is creating delicious recipes for people to try, talking about new ingredients, sharing my journey on trying to feel good every single day through small positive changes, making healthier choices and taking better photos. It is essentially my creative playground and everyone is welcome to come and play.
From it, I’ve learnt… that staying true to what you believe in and share what makes your heart sing takes a bit of hard work and discipline but when you achieve that self-discipline and don’t get swayed by trends, you can create something truly magical and unique that draws people in.
I love (food) because it is the universal language of sharing and coming together. It is the thread that holds the fabric of our being together, riddled with memories and beautiful sensory experiences. Food brings us joy whether we are cooking for others or eating what others cook for us. The act of eating is one of those rare activities that make us take a pause no matter what we are doing and devote attention to it, every single day. It is both sustenance and a privilege. It is exciting, vast and never ending.

Name: Jade & Kath
Otherwise known as: @panaceas_pantry
We started our social profile in mid-late 2014, just after we came home from our trip around the west coast of Australia. It’s long been a dream of ours to own a vegan cafe, having come from a hospitality and Naturopathy background and being long-term ethical vegans. When we came home from our travels, Jade was pregnant with her first baby, Frankie, so we knew it would be quite a while before we could open our own place. Starting an IG was simply a place to pass the time and generate some inspiration for our future cafe.
Now it has become so much more. Besides being a daily outlet for creative expression, it has evolved into a successful business that has allowed us to team up with companies whose ethics and passion for animal rights, sustainable living and organic farming practices we admired long before we started our feed.
From it, we’ve learnt so much. But mostly, how important it is to create a healthy work-life balance, how important it is to always put your values first, and how to use a camera!
We love food because it’s damn delicious, haha. Jade is a qualified nutritionist/naturopath, so healthy eating really is her passion. It’s what fuels us, nourishes our mind and body, and it’s been so fun to get creative with food, learn about photography, and best of all, we get to eat it all at the end!

Name:  Jessica Sepel
Otherwise known as: @JSHealth
I started my social profile in 2012 because I wanted to share my honest health journey with more people. Over my teenage years, I developed a very toxic relationship with food and my body. I was studying health and nutrition at the time and began to slowly heal this negative relationship. Once I started changing, I felt I had to empower others to do the same and help them end the struggle with negative body image and the cycle of fad dieting.
But now it has become the place to encounter balance in all aspects of life. JSHealth is a place where women can come together and support one another to have the best possible relationship with their bodies. The JSHealth philosophy is helping people develop a wholesome relationship with food and their bodies. JSHealth clears the confusion and makes the healthy life SIMPLE. It is helping thousands of people to reconnect with their bodies again, all the while providing divine food inspiration and endless healthy recipes on the blog.
From it, I’ve learnt the mind is so powerful. I had a vision. I still do. And when you do everything from a heart-centred, genuine place, anything is possible. I genuinely care.
I love food because eating well is the best way to boost your self-esteem. It gives you the energy and motivation to live your best life.

Name: Ellie Bullen
Otherwise known as: @elsa_wholesomelife
I started my profile in 2014 because I was passionate about what I was learning about nutrition in university and wanted to inspire others to live a more wholesome lifestyle. It was just a hobby for my creative side to run wild.

But now it has become a dream career for me and I am able to use my influence to inspire so many people around the world to live their best life, and even landed my first book publishing deal.
From it, I’ve learnt that if you are really passionate about something you can make all of your dreams come true and land your dream career, but it takes a HEAP of dedication, persistence and time!
I love healthy food because it makes you feel so damn good inside and outside. Food is such a massive part of our lifestyles and has such a big impact on our health and happiness. I also love travel, as it has helped me to learn so much about culture, the environment, and of course food!

Name: Georgia McDermott
Otherwise known as: @georgeats
I started my social profile in around 2013 after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was housebound for a month as a result of an unfortunate knick to my sinus, leaving me with hilariously cartoonish swelling, amongst other unsavoury things. I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to start a food Instagram as a bit of a hobby and a bit of an outlet for all my runny egg photos. I suspect my friends were relieved they stopped seeing them on my personal account.
But now it has become a full-time career! I studied criminology at university, and always intended to follow that up with a law degree. I took a year off studying after my undergrad, and managed to score a bunch of paid photography and content creation jobs in the interim. It has slowly built up from there, and I’m so happy it has done because I value sleep far too much to be a lawyer.
From it, I’ve learnt that you can actually do anything you want. We’re so lucky in Australia that we can legitimately (or not so legitimately, if you ask some of my recent Tinder dates) make a career out of a photo sharing app. The sky is the limit, just as the motivational quotes told us.
I love food because it’s a universal language, which sounds a bit pretentious, but it’s true. Food is deeply embedded in every culture, and you can learn so much about a country from their culinary traditions. I also love food because, food, you know?


Name: Elise Cook (@elisecook)
I started my social profile in 2014 because I loved photography, loved travel, and loved scrolling through, dreaming and being inspired.
But now my it has become a place where I can share my own travel photography, and where I can share my attempt to travel and live slowly, simply and happily. It has also become a place where I have been able to connect with incredible people and a place where I am able to inspire others. I’m so grateful for both of these things.
From it, I’ve learnt what it means to turn dreams into plans, to turn inspiration into motivation, and essentially how to step back, slow down, and live a life that is about fulfilling my own dreams and no one else’s.
I love travelling because I get to see the stars. On so many occasions I’ve found myself laying under a thick blanket of stars out in the middle of nowhere and I’ve thought, some people might go there whole lives without seeing a sky like this. The stars are always there, but we have so much artificial light in our cities and societies that we miss it. And it’s AMAZING. For me, travel does that in a literal and metaphoric way. Whatever it is for you, do something that lets you see the stars in life.

Name: Nicola Easterby
Otherwise known as: @polkadotpassport
I started my social profile in 2013 because I wanted a place to share my travel photos and inspire others to explore the world.
But now it has become my full-time career!
From it, I’ve learnt how important it is to not just use my influence for selfish purposes but actually use it for good.
I love travelling because it completely opens your mind to new things and it NEVER gets boring!

A post shared by cleocohen (@cleocohen) on

Name: Cleo Codrington
Otherwise known as: @cleocohen
I started my social profile… way back in high school because all my friends had it – it was an exciting and inspiring way to share photos of those dull school days and our day to day lives!
But now my it has become… well it’s not much different really! I still tell a story and I still showcase aspects of my life, the only thing that has changed is that life. Maturing and growing has certainly made a big impact, my high school self probably never imagined living on the road and out of a van – but I never imagined seeing the things I have seen either!
From it, I’ve learnt… that social media can create enriching communities! It’s refreshing to see technology inspire so many and so quickly. Whether it be travel, fitness, fashion etc.,   everyone has a voice and an ability to encourage one another so easily.
I love travelling because… life’s too short to only see one smidgen of what the world has to offer us. Travelling new locations, learning new cultures and exploring different landscapes, is in my opinion, the best way to spend our limited time and money.

Name: Gabrielle Epstein (@gabbyepstein)
I started my social profile as a personal account — I was just posted photos my personal life – my friends, family and memes and personal travel. I was lucky enough that people found my life interesting enough to follow and become supportive of my journey and since then I have become a full-time travel blogger!
But now it has become… a full-time travel blog.
From it, I’ve learnt… that life is too short to be lived in one place. From someone who loved routine, I now couldn’t tell you what country I’ll be in next week and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I love travelling because I have become completely addicted to exploring new cities, meeting new people and every day becoming an adventure.


My happy place ☀️

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Name: Sjana Elise (@sjanaelise)
I started my social profile in 2013 because I was studying e-photojournalism at University and used it as an online gallery for my photography. I loved the creative expression it allowed!
But now my IG account has become so much more than that. Now, it’s a place I hope people can go to for some positivity and support. A place where young girls can go to for guidance. A place where women can support one another and empower each other. A place where us women can be reminded to celebrate what it means to be females, to inspire happiness and promote health and holistic happiness. I want my page to make other people feel good!
From it, I’ve learnt so much about myself – all shades of myself, my weaknesses and my strengths. I have also learnt so much from others about the human spirit, about resilience and soul, art, compassion and curiosity. It has allowed me to both find and create connections with others; to inspire and be inspired; to influence in a positive way; and I have learned to use my influence to advocate for mental health awareness, equality, positivity, body confidence, human rights and the environment. And ultimately, I have learnt the immense power social media has, and the way that can be harnessed and used for a greater good!
I love fitness because to me it is so much more than just working out or looking a certain way. Fitness and health to me are all about embracing our bodies, celebrating our strengths, taking a holistic approach and not only working on your physical body but also your mind and soul. Health and fitness are about becoming aware of yourself, understanding that there is a time to challenge yourself, and a time to surrender and take it easy. And that both of these approaches are necessary. Health and fitness are about nurturing our bodies; nourishing not punishing. I love fitness because it brings so many people together! Because it is fun, and because doing good FEELS good!

A post shared by Kate Kendall (@activeyogi) on

Name: Kate Kendall
Otherwise known as: @activeyogi
I started my social profile in 2012 because I love communicating my messaging through this & sharing the gifts of yoga at first with friends but eventually the world.
But now my it has become a creative release because I love writing. I love expressing what inspires me & sharing the fun & soul expanding events.
From it, I’ve learnt that people just want to learn how to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.
I love yoga because …it’s what inspires me, every day. Yoga is my medicine and my practice is always changing because my body is always changing.

Name: Leah Simmons
Otherwise known as: @bodybyleahsimmons
I started my social profile in… 2014 because… why not??
But now it has become… a great “if she can, I can” inspiration story (I hope!!)
From it, I’ve learnt… A LOT!!! I’ve learned to love and trust my intuition. You cannot control what other people say or do.. you can only control what you put out to the universe. Stay true to that and your message with resonate with people.
I love FITNESS because… nourishing my body and soul is the ultimate form of self-love. And in the process of being disciplined around my health, it has also made me stronger and more resilient mentally and emotionally. It’s a win win!!

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Name: Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)
I started my social profile in… 2013 because…I wanted to share my recovery from chronic fatigue and how I was re-introducing normal workouts and yoga back into my life.
But now it has become…an amazing place to connect with people who are passionate about living a positive, healthy and happy life.
From it, I’ve learnt…how important it is to be your true self. Don’t change who you are and what you stand for, for anything!
I love fitness because…it’s my ‘me time’. It gives me the chance to give back to my body and mind 🙂

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Name: Bec Wilcock (@becwilcock)
I started my social profile in 2014 because I want to inspire others to be the best they can be!
But now it has become a fit, fierce and fearless inspirational platform to motivate and empower woman all over the world. I live and breathe my passion for fitness every day and this account is one way that I can express it.
From it, I’ve learnt… Women want to empower other women—and I love it!
I love fitness for the healthy, happy, fit and adventurous life it allows me to live.


Name: Samantha Wills (@samanthawills)
I started my social profile in 2008 as a brand page on Facebook, because we had built a really clunky amateur version of an e-commerce website, and used Facebook to promote it. Somedays we would even forget to check if any orders came through because, at the time, online shopping was so new to Australia. I ran the page myself for about four years.
But now it has become…My insta profile @SamanthaWills, while I run it personally, as a public feed, it really has three purposes: 1. To direct followers to @SamanthaWillsOfficial for commercial purposes. 2. To drive a community of followers that may follow me due to career & they connect with my story to the @SamanthaWillsFoundation as they can relate to parts of it on their own journey. 3. To drive those two successfully, the feed has to be personal, and as such include some personal content and share my natural tone of voice. I am very passionate about sharing vulnerabilities and hurdles, not just highlights.  
From it, I’ve learnt… The more real you are, the more people appreciate it.
 I love entrepreneurship because… Being an entrepreneur has no boundaries or limits. I like the challenges, both personal & professional, and I appreciate very much the platform it has afforded me to connect with a predominantly female audience. While it was not something I set out to achieve at the start of this journey I feel very privileged to have the opportunities afforded with it and take the responsibility of the social footprint very seriously.

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Name: Malvina Kang (@malvinakang of @homyoga)
I started my social profile in 2010 because I wanted to share snaps from my daily life.
But now my account has become all about my 2-year old son, Munro!
From it, I’ve learnt to be authentic with what I share about myself.
I love being entrepreneurial with yoga because it offers me a space to reflect and go inward.

A post shared by Alyce Tran (@alyce_tran) on

Name: Alyce Tran (@alycetran of @thedailyedited)
I started my social profile in Instagram because I’m really visual and love expressing myself through colour and imagery.
But now my account has become one of the main communication channels for my business, @thedailyedited
From it, I’ve learnt and developed new ways to communicate our brand to our fans.
I love being entrepreneurial with fashion because it’s constantly evolving, permeates every aspect of our lives and is just so much fun to be involved in.

Name: Jane Lu, founder of @showpo
Otherwise known as: @thelazyceo
I started my social profile in 2014 because Showpo’s Insta was getting so big and I wanted to show what really happens behind the scenes and give people an insight into the life of a (quite unconventional) CEO!
But now my account has become part of the Showpo brand. And it’s also become part of me because I’m obsessed with posting Insta stories!
From it, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about the Instagram algorithm! Funnily enough, having a smaller account helped me understand how their algorithm works and helped me to grow the @showpo account.
I love to post about food, friends, travel and work because it’s a pretty accurate (albeit heavily filtered hehe) reflection of my life as the Showpo CEO. And I love to post outfits because of my endless wardrobe and love to embarrass my friends in Insta stories because, well it’s how I entertain myself!


Name: Lisa Hamilton
Otherwise known as: @seewantshop
I started my social profile in 2012 because I moved to London.
But now my account has become… my baby and my business.
From it, I’ve learnt that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.
I love fashion and travel because this planet is the most breathtaking, fascinating and incredible place.

Name: Helen Janneson Bense
Otherwise known as: @gypsylovinglight
I started my social profile in 2012 because I was seeking a creative outlet, somewhere I could freely express myself and sprinkle some of my positive vibes out into the world.  I was looking for a place to inspire and be inspired.
But now my account has become a full-time career, capturing beauty and creating social media content with my husband/photographer, travelling the world with our two children. It has brought all of my dreams and life goals into reality without me ever realising this is where it would lead.
From it, I’ve learnt to love and accept myself more. To realise that other people’s ideas and opinions of me are not who I am. What matters is how I feel about myself. I’ve learnt that living your talk is more powerful than preaching to people. Being the change has a profound impact on those who cross your path and can inspire many without telling anyone how they should be, or live. Spreading love, positivity and inspiration feels so good and our world needs so much of it, we all do.
I love fashion because it’s my way of expressing myself creatively. My body is the canvas and I love to adorn myself in beautiful pieces of art that reflect my personality. I love travel….it opens my eyes and heart to all those around me, it makes me realise we are all one, all connected.

Name: Talisa Sutton (@talisa_sutton)
I started my social profile in 2010 because I wanted to share my work and inspiration on a new, personal platform
But now my account has become a full-time job and led to me starting my own design practice with my business partner and husband.
From it, I’ve learnt to believe in yourself and your ideas, and that hard work pays off!
I love fashion because it’s a creative expression of your personality, and fashion should be fun.


A post shared by Chloe Morello (@chloemorello) on

Name: Chloe Morello (@ChloeMorello)
Also know as: Chlo Chlo-bo
I started my youtube channel in: 2009
From it, I’ve learnt that you can’t please everyone.
I love beauty and makeup because it allows me to spoil myself and spend time on myself.

Name: Tina Yong (@tina_yong)
I started my youtube channel in 2014 because I wanted to share my makeup tips and tricks with others. It was also a good way for me to gain clients whilst I was freelancing as a makeup artist.
But now my youtube channel has become my full time job. I now get to focus on doing what I love and connecting with millions of people around the world.
From it, I’ve learnt that hard work & persistence pays off. I’m glad that I kept creating my videos & pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone.
I love beauty and makeup because it gives me an outlet to express myself everyday. I love experimenting with different makeup looks & I enjoy trying unique beauty products.

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