soul gazing
Image: Guilherme Caetano via Unsplash

Soul Gazing is a Weird, Wonderful Way to Connect With Your Person

The trend has been blowing up on social media.

In any relationship, communication is key to keeping things in a great place. Communication is verbal and nonverbal. But the one ancient trend of nonverbal communication has been gaining popularity on the internet. The trend has been blowing up on social media. Soul gazing is an ancient practice used to deeply connect with your partner and well, see their soul. It is also a weird, wonderful way to connect with your partner.

Soul gazing is a way to open up an energy connection with your eyes and the eyes of your partner. It’s super amazing for intimacy. We decided to do some research to find out how you can start to soul gaze today. Keep reading for more!

soul gazing
Image: Jonathan Petit via Unsplash

What Is Soul Gazing?

Soul gazing is an exercise that can be done through romantic partners by opening up nonverbal communication channels between both of you. It is part of a tantra method that you can use with your lover to connect on a deeper level. You are opening up your heart chakra to harmonize the energy between you both. You are quite literally looking into someone’s eyes so you can see their soul. According to the Personal Revolution, “soul gazing can be difficult for some, because people are usually shy about looking directly into another person’s eyes for any length of time. Glances are exchanged for only a few moments. When another person looks at us intently for any period of time, it may feel like an intrusion.” 

You can see hidden emotions through the eyes, or even thoughts, that maybe your partner isn’t sharing with you. It’s not to invade their privacy, but to get to know them on another level. You might feel as though you are exposed, uncomfortable, or afraid. This is okay. This practice will be constant in your life and should happen regularly to ensure you are connected. Remember, relationships take work! Make sure you sit next to each other, across from each other, and hold hands. Focus on your breathing and set a time limit. You should practice communicating without a verbal voice. Breathe with each other and sit in the exercise, no matter how hard. After is it done, give gratitude to your partner! Good luck!


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