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What Does Your Venus Sign In Your Birth Chart Say About You?

This part of the zodiac alerts us to the way you love and experience romance (wink, wink).

While some of us are more inclined to just read about our sun sign, there’s actually a lot more to the zodiac than meets the eye. To those of us who think our horoscopes may be too broad to really dive into the tenets of who we are, if we actually dig deep enough, we can read into our personalities a lot more. One of the aspects of our natal charts that says more about our love lives is the venus sign. According to Brit.Co, Venus rules love, beauty, and pleasure. Knowing what sign your Venus is in could mean knowing a lot more about your romantic habits, your values in a partner, and what brings you individual pleasure. We did some research to find out exactly what it means when each sign is in your Venus. Keep reading to find out more about your Venus sign.

venus sign
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What Does Your Venus Sign Say About You?


Aries, Aries. You are a lover, you are! You are confident AF and don’t take anything for granted. When you love, you love big. You are quick to show the lead in love and have a lot of sex appeal. You must remember that a relationship has two sides, so do not forget to grant yourself room to breathe and let the other person take the lead sometimes.


You are grounded and super in touch with your sensuality. Taurus is somewhat of a habitual relationship expert, and you prefer romance over everything. You love affection, and even the minor details drive you crazy! A hand on the small of the back, a kiss there, it’s all your love language in the end. Keep valuing security and the things you want in a partner, even if it takes longer to find.


You are flirty, flirty, flirty! For your partner, love is a rollercoaster. You’re here and there, which is perfect to take care of whoever you choose to have a relationship with. You are a giver and someone who keeps your relationship interesting, always! Remember that surprises are amazing and that your gifts are always appreciated!


You are emotional and value connection above all else. You want to be of service to your partner. And you also want to be needed. For your partner, they appreciate your kind caring. Your are sensitive to the world around you. You’re passionate in the sheets, and romance is always on the table with you. Remember to not let jealousy get control of you, and you should be good in love.


The person that has the Leo Venus in their chart is a attention getter in love. You want to razzle and dazzle your partner, and for them to be obsessed with you. To show you off. For you, remembering that you are secure in love without getting showered in showmanship 24/7 is key for you.


Virgo Venuses tend to want to be flawless for their partner. It is more difficult for them to really open up, because they don’t want the other person in the relationship to see any signs of flaws. You love to be of service and to take care of your person. For you, remember to also let that person take care of you. You can open up, we all make mistakes, and none of us are ever without flaw.


For Libra Venus, it’s hard for people to not be attracted to you. This makes you somewhat of a flirt. You love a partner who can match your energy, someone just as cool as you are. It’s hard for you to not be obsessed with the idea of taking a crowd by storm. You love intelligence, conversation, and the golden rule. Remember that these qualities can bloom in a person later on, when you really get to know them, so remember to give people a chance. You never know what can happen!


For Scorpios in Venus, you are obsessed with the idea of love. You exude confidence, charm, and sensuality but are sometimes not sure of this. This may hinder your relationships. You want to always appear to be the mysterious person you are, because you think that is your strong suit. Open yourself up to love and possiblity and the rest will come!


You are bold, brave, and someone who goes for what they want. You are open to everything and anything. For you, love is an adventure. You will always take a partner on the thrill of a lifetime. You don’t want to be tied down and might actually be open to less traditional relationships.


You are serious in love. You make romance into a business deal, in the best way possible. No bullshitting, no games, you don’t care for that at all. You want to know what a partner has in store for you. This sign will brush off any attempt to be a player quick. Remember to always give people the benefit of the doubt, because you are unique in your brutal approach to love.


You are not shallow and really look at a person’s inside.Pisces is the least vain of all of the signs. You love magic, romance, and spirituality. For you, love is a devine gift from above. Careful not to project an image of your perfect partner onto your lover, as they can and will disappoint you. Instead, take the time to really find your dream relationship. You will be happy in the end.



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