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Is Having Social Media No Longer the Currency of the Internet?

With Bottega Venetta's complete deletion of their social media accounts, it seems like posting on the internet is no longer valuable to brands.

As we enter the year 2021, it seems as though fewer people are posting about their daily lives on the internet for all to see and reshare. Is it a sign of the times, or are we just going through a phase? As the year 2020 slowly entered a full lockdown early last year, it seemed like the internet was still a place (even more so then) for people to showcase their quarantine routines. Banana bread, makeup trends, mask selfies, etc. But now, things seem to have died down a bit. Is it because we’re all in staggered phases of reopening and closing? Maybe it’s what is happening with the state of our government. We know for certain things are different. We took the time to explore what may be causing this social media slowdown.

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Why is Social Media on Such a Pause?

There could be a number of reasons that many are taking a break from posting on social media. The importance of spending time with friends, family, and loved ones grew ever more important in the year 2020, and it seems as though documenting these pleasures is less important online. There is also the stigma of gathering with more than a few people at a time that could present itself. 2021 seems to be the moment of less indulgence and more wholesomeness as well, so being able to partake in a hangout is rare. You probably will only take out your phone to document a special reunion.

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What’s Happening in the World of Fashion?

While you would think social media is arguably the biggest form of currency right now, it might be swaying the opposite way. For example, because we cannot meet in person, there’s a sense that Instagram (especially for fashion brands) is super important. For example, fashion week was held for the majority, virtually. Giveaways, IG Lives, etc., were used extensively this year to make up for the fact that we didn’t have any chance to do events or live activations, let alone shop in real life. But what are some other brands doing that are outside of the norm?

Bottega Venetta is taking things completely differently. They have shut down their IG operations and deleted their account for what has been almost a month now. Where is the importance of social media now? Horse user Tania de Bono makes an interesting point.

“Bottega will always be on Instagram, as a luxury brand they have this privilege but it’s no longer them controlling the narrative, it’s finally allowing everyone else. And, that is the most interesting part, because honestly, in the nicest way, I don’t really care to hear what Bottega Veneta or any brand has to say daily. We have a luxury brand, under the helm of a progressively new and also socially unknown designer that is effectively going off the grid. It’s about time. I’ve studied the brand and it’s social presence over the pandemic, their use of Instagram and showcasing their community through the Artist Residency was a nice touch, albeit it wasn’t groundbreaking, or interesting enough for me to remember the artists they used.”

The brand also skipped Milan Digital Fashion Week in the wake of the pandemic to target smaller communities. They sent out portable projectors to different places, created a digital pop-up store in Shanghai, and had only print publications complement their latest digital show.

social media
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What’s Next?

It seems like a blend of the old and new is what is imminent, and necessary. Remember back in the day when you would only post on Facebook once a week? You’d wait for someone to upload pictures from a party that happened over the weekend? Only a certain photo would be the forum you spoke through, sending funny comments about something that happened. For Tania, she deems it impossible to create diverse content on such a frequent level, for anyone. It is true.

If we are constantly working on these platforms and creating, there is nothing new, or beautiful that comes of it. We don’t need to be narcissistic online right now, we need to preserve our self-being. Maybe soon we can share moments of our lives online. We can even do it now! But one thing is for sure. The stranger is no longer valuable. What is of interest is curating your own world of friendship, love, and happiness. You have the power to create a world in your own home, this pandemic has shown. Who will you let in?

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