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These Are Our Top Wellness Predictions for 2021, According to a Shaman

From skincare to combining beauty and spirituality, there's a lot the new year has in store for us.

As the pandemic nears its final chapter, we begin to wonder what impact it will have on wellness and wellness predictions for the new year. What has this year done for our relationship with wellness and the new normal? When this year began, our mental health went crazy, and we were told to really indulge in our wellness practices if only to maintain some kind of sanity. Why wouldn’t we continue doing this in 2021? From skincare to combining beauty and spirituality, there’s a lot the new year has in store for us.

We interviewed Ashley Cramer, the “shaman in jeans” that can speak on all things crystals, astrology, lunar, shamanism, and all things mystical.  She has also just launched a new app during a pandemic that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home. By now you’ve heard about the lunar trend that is taking over astrology and lifestyle columns and our social feeds. It’s the era of the moon, and everyone from your best friend to coworker seems to be intrigued by the mysterious control the moon has over our everyday lives.

Ashley’s app, Lunar Alignment, a new app that launched on Dec. 15, reimagines ancient lunar practices for the modern individual. It’s the goal? Remove the mysterious stigma around this powerful planet and help users better understand the moon and develop a personal lunar practice that integrates into their self-care routine and works best for them. The app includes features like weekly moon cycle reports, guided meditations, rituals, crystal pairings, and journaling prompts, to help users harness the full potential of each moon phase. Keep reading for more on Ashley’s predictions for wellness in 2021.
wellness predictions
Image: Courtesy of Ashley Cramer

Our Top Wellness Predictions for 2021

1) Face and Body Oils

Sorry, 1990s skincare products, but the days of “oil-free” are over. Face and body oils are the next big thing. When I was growing up, we were convinced that oil led to oily skin and acne. With the rise of clean beauty and holistic healing, it’s no surprise to see a resurgence of the use of facial and body oils, which have been beauty staples for centuries. Not to mention, massaging oil into your skin feels extra luxurious. In 2021, the natural, dewy glow is in.

Image: Rodion Kutsaev via Unsplash

2) Moon Circles

During the pandemic, virtual moon circles popped up all over the internet. As Zoom happy hour fatigue set in, people looking for new ways to create meaningful connections with others from the safety of their own homes. Groups, mostly women, gathered online in new moon and full moon circles to participate in things like meditation, astrology readings, journaling, and sharing circles – a supportive space for participants to talk about what’s happening in their lives. In 2021, moon circle popularity will continue to grow, and I predict many people will bring moon circles into their communities when it’s safe to gather in person again.

wellness predictions
Image: Sanni Sahil via Unsplash

3) Products with a Mystical Twist

Your favorite everyday products may be getting a mystical twist. Crystals in your candles, reiki-infused room sprays, and even Zodiac-inspired nail polish colors. Over the last few years, mystical practices like crystal healing and astrology have made their way into mainstream wellness. Now, many beauty, household, and everyday products are taking a cue from this trend. Products are going to create a mind-body-spirit connection.

best wellness predictions
Image: GLOBENCER via Unsplash

4) Mind-Body Beauty Services

Beauty professionals have long been a part technician and part therapist; now, they’re taking on the role of healer too. Beauty services like haircuts, facials, and even eyebrow waxes will incorporate energetic healing. I’ll never forget my first mani-pedi-meditation appointment. It was self-care elevated to a whole new level. In 2021, you’ll see more beauty treatments infused with energetic practices like reiki, meditation, and crystal healing. These won’t just be upgrades or add-ons. Rather full beauty rituals that care for a client’s body, mind, and spirit.

wellness predictions
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