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The Best Smart Baby Products To Help The Modern Parent

As a new parent, you get tired. So why not let technology help you a little bit more so you can get as much rest as you can?

If you thought parenting was a struggle before technology came into play, you’re right! There are so many things that we have to do as new parents that take up quite a bit of time but alas, the age of the smart baby is here. There is pretty much a product out there for everything these days. Feeding, putting your child to bed, even helping them when they’re sick are all struggles that the age of technology has solved. We’ve made a list of the best smart baby products that can help support you as a new parent because when you have a baby, you’re tired often. Keep reading for more!

The Best Smart Baby Products to Help The Modern Parent

1) SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet ($1,395)

baby products
Image: Courtesy of Snoo

SNOO’s responsive baby bassinet boosts a baby’s sleep by combining rocking and soothing white noise for a snug and safe swaddling.

Why we love it: What’s super cool about the SNOO is that the rocking motion senses how hard your baby is crying and changes the degree of motion when they’re in this bed. It’s super high-tech and the bee’s knees of baby products right now!

Shop here.

2) Miku Smart Baby Monitor ($399)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Miku

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor streams real-time video and audio to allow you to see and hear your baby’s every move. You can also buy a refurbished model on the site for a cheaper price!

Why we love it: This product records your baby’s breathing and alerts you if your baby’s breathing stops or becomes slow. How cool!

Shop here.

3) BAEBA Babycook ($249.95)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of BAEBA

Steam cook and blend meat, veggies, and fruits, in under 15 minutes with this incredible tool for your kitchen! You can adjust the texture and consistency of the food as your baby gets older!

Why we love it: BAEBA’s high-tech team has updated this product and we love that it can defrost as well as cook pasta and rice! It is an incredible product to use when your baby changes its preferences for food and grows up a little!

Shop here.

4) Baby Breeza Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser ($199)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Baby Breeza

Make formula with ease as this product automatically makes a warm, formula bottle in an instant!

Why we love it: The high-tech part of this is that it accommodates all baby formula brands, so knows how much to dispense given the formula brand you are using. Super smart!

Shop here.

5) Amazon Echo Dot ($69.99)

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Image: Courtesy of Amazon

This Amazon Echo Dot is a little helper when you need an extra hand. Ask it to play white noise music for your little one, google something for you, or list out a recipe.

Why we love it: Moving your baby to another room? This machine connects to any other ones you may have in your home. Multi-tasking around the home with a hands-free device has never been easier.

Shop here.

6) Pure Enrichment PureBaby Electric Nail Trimmer ($19.99)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Pure Enrichment

This deluxe kit comes with all you need to trim, cut, and polish.

Why we love it: This product is conveniently portable, cordless, and has two-speed settings perfect for a gentle but effective trim.

Shop here.

7) Pure Enrichment Baby Sound Machine ($29.99)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Pure Enrichment

Sound machines even help adults get to sleep faster! This all-natural sonic pacifier helps create a distraction-free environment so you and your baby can have a restful night of sleep!

Why we love it: The best thing about this product is that it’s portable, so we can move it wherever we want! Living room nap? Bring it over there. Traveling somewhere and need this sound machine to fall asleep? Throw it in your suitcase!

Shop here.

8) Fridababy 3-in-1 Baby Humidifier ($49.99)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Fridababy

In the winter, temperature drops cause shifts in sinus pressure and make allergy season worse! Make sure you’re making the air more humid moister with a humidifier!

Why we love it: This high-tech product doubles as a night light because it glows at night, making sure you have some light in your room as the winter months make longer nights!

Shop here.

9) 4Moms MumaRoo ($219.99)

Image: Courtesy of 4Moms

This MumaRoo swings in five different motions so that you can safely put your baby down and mimic your own body movements!

Why we love it: With multiple recline positions, you can also plug in your own music if there’s a song that your baby particularly likes! We know taste develops early!

Shop here.

10) Cybex Sirona S Baby Carseat ($499.99)

best baby car seat
Image: Courtesy of Cybex

The safest, most chic of all the baby car seats! Maneuver your child with ease and safety while on trips of all kinds!

Why we love it: The reason this car seat is so high tech is that it’s the first car seat that swivels 360 degrees. It will save moms from having sore backs and gets your baby in and out of the car with ease!

Shop here.

11) Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale ($149.99)

Image: Courtesy of Hatch Restore

Have a safe place to change your baby’s diaper and track their growth all in one!

Why we love it: This high-tech product kills two birds with one stone as it weighs your baby and doubles as a changing station.

Shop here.

12) Willow Wearable Breast Pump ($499)

Image: Courtesy of Willow

The best all-in-one breast pump that fits in your bra as you go! Pump anywhere.

Why we love it: What’s amazing about this breast pump compared to others is the smart, proprietary function that suctions just like a baby would, allowing you to be mobile while breastfeeding. You won’t spill a drop!

Shop here.

13) Prymax Smart Digital Baby Thermometer ($30.99)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Prymax

When your baby has a fever, it can be tough. This device monitors a fever consistently for 24 hours, so you’re always in the know.

Why we love it: This product is wireless, so you can easy transport it without having to worry about bringing another plug with you wherever you go. Amazing!

Shop here.

14) Nested Bean Sleep Sack Baby Sleeping Bag ($34.99)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Nested Bean

Just how a weighted blanket gets you to bed, this baby “sleep sack” works wonders and feels like comfort to get your child sleeping soundly.

Why we love it: The centerpiece in this baby weighted sack is actually supposed to mimic the hand of the mother on the baby’s chest, making the product a super comforting addition to your baby’s wardrobe.

Shop here.

15) Stokke JetKids Bed Box ($199)

best baby products
Image: Courtesy of Stokke

Make travel fun! This cute, tiny suitcase doubles as something your kids can ride on at the airport! They’ll be ready for the skies in no time!

Why we love it: The amazing thing about this product is that you can actually add on a strap to carry on your shoulder, making transport as easy as possible!

Shop here.

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