The 7 Best Home Renovation Tips For New Parents

Baby-proofing has never been so easy.

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If you are expecting a new baby, then home renovation should be at the top of your mind. First, you will need to do some interior design work and prepare a cozy nursery for the baby and second, you will need to upgrade the home in order to make it baby-friendly. You will need to renovate key areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen- especially the floors. Also, the sockets, as well as the heating and lighting systems, will need to be baby-proofed or relocated due to the safety risks they pose. The key here is to make the home comfortable for the new baby. Having a new baby will make your home lively and full of energy. Don’t suppress that energy by limiting the kids’ playing area. Make the whole home kid-friendly and create an environment that is not only fun but also functional for a happy, united family. We’re telling you, interior design can be fun! 

Of course, top-to-bottom home renovation is extremely pricey and can be very stressful especially to an expectant mother. That is why you need tips on how to make just a few upgrades that will ensure your house is safe and secure without needing you to break the bank. Here are 7 home renovation tips that will help you create a more kid-friendly home.

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1. Make The Kitchen Cozy And Kid-Friendly

A new baby means more responsibilities. Kitchen remodeling will help you take care of these responsibilities with ease. If your budget allows, you can introduce the concept of booth seating (like the restaurant eating booths) into your kitchen’s seating area so as to make the kitchen more functional and fun for the baby. Your kid will enjoy playing in the booth and storing his toys and coloring books in the booth’s drawers. Remember that the kitchen should be accommodative to everyone in your household because, after all, it is the heart of your home.

Another great kitchen remodeling idea for new parents is knocking out dividing walls- say, between the dining area or the living room and the kitchen- and introducing an open layout kitchen. That way, you will be able to interact, play with, and monitor the baby as you prepare meals or tidy the kitchen without having to bring her to the kitchen. Also, an open layout kitchen will have a wider seating area that will accommodate the family’s new additions. 

It is important to note that kitchen remodeling supplies can be extremely expensive, so you should choose cabinetry and appliances that are not only affordable but also durable. Those trendy tiles and countertops might be appealing to the eye, but are they as durable as they are appealing. If they are cheaply made, the kids will destroy them within no time. If they have a high affinity for dust and dirt, then you will have a rough time cleaning them, especially now that you are a busy parent.

2. Add Some Built-in Coat Cubbies or Lockers

Your kid’s bedroom needs new lockers and cubbies where he/she will be putting his things. That individual space is important in that it teaches kids to be organized and responsible.

3. The Exteriors

The exteriors are part of your home and they deserve some minor (sometimes major) renovations. For example, your kids will be glad if you could add a backyard pool and patio deck where they can go to a lounge and have a great time once they are a little older. And if you are looking for a good investment, a backyard pool will raise your home’s value by a significant margin.

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4. Think Storage

Kids are known for littering the interiors with endless clutter. If you don’t want clutter to take over your home and life, storage should be at the top of your renovation priorities.

5. Kid-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom is everybody’s happy place, the kids included. It’s also an interior design makeover favorite. That is why you must think of bathroom remodeling as soon as the baby comes. You need to lower the shelves so that kids can reach the bathroom supplies with ease, but high enough not to be reached by a toddler.

6. Stick to Overhead Lighting

The more the lighting in your indoors, the better. However, you should be alive to the danger that lighting and any other electric appliance pose to toddlers. Having cords and sockets within the child’s reach can be hazardous. Stick to overhead lighting until the kid(s) is older.

7. Choose Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are good in that they don’t retain mildew, mold, or dust. That means that they are easy to clean even with kids playing and littering all over. Also, these floors do not have allergens primarily because they aren’t made of chemicals.


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