Nine Hygge Home Design Tips for Achieving Maximum Coziness

Get super cozy in time for the snow to fall.

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When temperatures are high outside, you want to ensure your house is clutter-free and breezy, with no additional layers to trap the humidity and retain heat. But as soon as the colder winter months set in, you want to return those layers in the house to make it feel warm and inviting. Luckily, it’s possible to achieve maximum coziness, popularly known as ‘hygge’ in your home.  Hygge is a Danish concept that describes the kind of coziness that provides satisfaction and well-being. The best way to create this kind of atmosphere coupled with the ambiance is to add warmth, lots of texture, and soft lighting to your home. Read on to discover 9 ways to add a hygge touch to your home.

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1) Incorporate Cozy Textiles

The texture goes hand in hand with moods. A rough and uncomfortable cloth or couch would definitely not arouse feelings of contentment and calm. If you want to incorporate hygge vibes in your home, you must keep off rough textiles. Instead, you should add soft, cozy textiles to your home’s living space. Replace old, dilapidated pieces with comfortable alternatives such as shaggy rugs, fur pillows, and woolen blankets. Also, there are lots of alternatives to match the rugs with the walls. If you have already painted the wall and don’t want to paint it again to match it the rugs, you can add wall art canvas that would match the colors of the textiles.

2) Use Soft Lights

Certain types of light are perfect for the well-being of your eyes than others. Although bright, cool light may boost your productivity at work, installing too many of them in your home will only make you and your family unhappy and uncomfortable. To maximize coziness in your home, you can dim bright overhead lights or switch them off altogether. You can also replace bright, cool bulbs with warmer alternatives. To further enhance this effect, you can use gorgeous home decorations like candles and tiny table lamps to provide your home with a relaxing and comforting feel.

3) Fire Up Your Fireplace

Having a roaring fireplace in your living room is the best way of achieving a cozy and autumnal atmosphere.  So make sure your chimney and fireplace are cleaned and serviced by a professional before winter. If you haven’t set up a fireplace in your home yet, don’t panic. There are tons of reasonably priced and easy to install electric fireplaces.

4) Opt for Gentle Colors

According to Color science, brighter or bolder colors tend to induce excitement and stimulation. That’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t provide the much-needed relaxation at home. Rather than bright tones, go for more neutral colors. Choose muted colors while buying things such as pieces of furniture, fabrics, and accent pieces.

5) Adopt Minimalism

The latest design trend entails retaining only the things that make you happy. That’s an important part of hygge, too. On top of being calmer to your eyes, a minimalist interior promotes happiness by ensuring that your home has only the things you treasure. If you’re moving, you should consider getting rid of things that you no longer use or need.

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6) Take a Break from Your Phone

Spending the whole day with your eyes fixed to your phone is the easiest way of neutralizing the hygge feeling. So rather than screen time, go for meaningful togetherness. You can have a candlelit dinner with your family or even a board game night. You can also invite your nearest and closest friends to share your coziness.

7) Arrange Your Kitchen Linens in Layers

Adopt a bottom-up style – a small kitchen mat on the floor, a rug in front of the sink, linen slipcovers on metal or wooden café chairs, and a table-mat on the breakfast table.  Covering the tile or bare wood with a layer of fabric adds a warm feel in your kitchen. On top of all those things, you can do kitchen remodeling to attain maximum coziness. Additionally, to achieve an excellent environment, you can purchase Christmas wall art canvas.

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8) Warm Your House

If your home is distressingly cold during the chilly winter months, you’ll need to do more than just styling or decorating it. Ensuring your home is resilient and prepared for winter is an important yet mostly ignored part of hygge. Ensure your HVAC system is checked, cleaned, and serviced by a professional, crevices on the windows and doors repaired, and insulation installed.

9) Potted Plants

Besides being attractive, indoor plants add life to any space. They also fill your home with high-quality air. Placing potted plants on carefully chosen spots allows you to create a serene atmosphere that’s not only comforting but also relaxing. Plants like Indian Basil and Aloe Vera are excellent indoor plants.

As we’ve demonstrated, achieving maximum coziness in your home isn’t an impossible task. You just need to incorporate a high amount of texture, dim light, and adequate warmth. Implement two or three of the above tips or a mix of all of them to achieve a hygge home.

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